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Hey guys. I'm really considering joining up, and I was checking out a site with info and all that good stuff. But yea it's left a couple questions in my head so I thought I might ask you guys cuz you're cool like that. haha but yeah if any of you guys have served or know someone who has maybe you could help me out.


So the first thing, it said you need a high school diploma to enlist (with very few exceptions). That doesn't really work out for me since I dropped out, but I turn 18 at the end of the month and am planning on getting my GED as soon as I can. Would that still work or am I screwed?


And if that works out, it also said there was a physical and mental exam or whatever but it didn't really say too much about it. But like do they check for a history of drugs and stuff like that?


I dunno, but yeah any info you could give me would really be appriciated.

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GED or not, very few dropouts are let into the military. Your best bet would be marines (I had a friend join and he didnt have a GED), your worst bet would be air force (they pretty much don't let anyone without a college degree in).

They dont check for drugs, but if you have a felony charge it just makes it harder. My friends fatter than hell and did okay in the exam, the tests and training our military has is a  joke. Joining the military is like falling off a log, the real problem is getting a job after we run out of arabic farmers to play army with

Hey man thanks alot for the help. I don't think I'll be able to join up but I'll try anyways.


Haha yea that's why I'm trying so enlist in the first place, I got fired and finding a job's a bitch. Haha but thanks alot for getting back to me.

If you can, try to become a technician or somthing. My friend who joined fixes tanks, when he's out of the military having "tank repair man" on the resume is going to be a great thing to have, so try to see what they can do to ensure a higher paying job in the future
my ex and cousion were both marines, and from what i understand if you dropped out you can't get in. they did give them both drug test, and if you have a felony you can't get in, because felons aren't allowed to own/carry guns. the marines require the lowest astap score, but have the longest/hardest basic training. also some of the training after basic can be pretty dangerous, they had to go to jump school in hawaii, and my ex died during a base jumping exercise because his parachute didn't deploy right.

Yea I doubt I can actually get in but I gotta try something. I don't have any felonys yet so maybe I can sweet talk the recruiter to letting me join haha. Thanks alot for the info though, and sorry to hear about your ex man.

I'm British so I haven't got a clue, but I'd suggest asking the recruitment guys and giving it a shot anyway. The worst scenario is you're where you are now, but you know you tried.
Yea man I figured that was my best option. Just thought I'd ask you guys about it first to try and figure everything out before I tried anything. But yea thanks man.

So I gotta question for you, why do you want to join the murderers?

So I don't get murdered myself, duh. Na but seriously I couldnt care less what the news says and it's either try to join up or get nice and cozy chilling with my homless buddy until I can get a job.

Postpone the homelessness? Maybe you won't be homeless when you leave but you got barely any chance of anything hopeful afterward, what you gonna do when you leave? my boss is 39 year old ex-paramilitary and works in a crappy outdoor walking shop and probably will be for the rest of his life. he hates it.

I get that you're not being serious when you say 'so I don't get murdered myself' but I just thought I'd remind you that by joining the army (If you're in the part where you're holding the guns & shooting people with them.. 'so awesome') you gotta chance you'll die pretty damn painfully or escape with a disability for the rest of your life.

Also, the news are always promoting war/the army, the government own the news with their censorship and 'embeds'. Sure there's a few who actually do get the counter-arguements out and a few who claim they do (but are still really missing the whole picture) but the big guys with all the money who own the big News stations are always giving 9 reasons to invade & fight to every 1 reason not to. You ever seen this? as far as i know that never made onto the big screen, and if it did noone listened because I show people this all the time and everytime they've never seen it before.

Apologies if this comes across as a personal attack I really really don't mean anything against you but you might've guessed that I am completely against your decision to join the army. all of the above isn't anywhere near enough of what you ought to think about but please it is in your best interests to do a little more research before you sign your life away.

Haha no worries man, I didn't get offended or anything like that.


But yeah like I said before man I'm not doing this just to get to play with guns and shoot people. They could make me fuckin clean up after everyone the entire time for all I care. I have other reasons for joining up other then what I asked you guys, but those are my buisiness you know? I mean thanks for the concern and all that but I mean to me this is something I think I need to do. and sure I could probably crash with a friend for a little while but I'd rather not have to worry about it right now haha.


And honestly man I never watch the news or any political type stuff, I just really don't care for it. All it is to me is two people throwing a big dookie back and forth at each other cuz they have different opinions about shit. I dunno, but anyways thanks for letting me know what u think man.

Alright well if none of that info affects your personal reasons for joining up you probably gotta have a daamn good reason, but that is totally on you and I get that so i'll back off.

You got it right on the political views, that's all it is, the rich people fighting for even more money, and the military are nothing more than chess pieces to them. it's disgusting & that's why I don't understand how anyone with a clear head and half a brain would see any attraction to the army, that said, it's near impossible to keep a clear head when the government owns the media.

Also, you might wanna think about getting off your mate's couch now instead of however many years later when you leave the army and you maybe find yourself in the same position.

Anyway, you got your reasons and you're not closed-minded so I hope you do whatever's best for you.


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