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So right now my mohawk is seven or so inches tall, and just plain blond, but i really wanna do something more exciting with it..any ideas?

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I was wondering this myself (as mine is just plain brown, the colour of my hair) I came to the conclusion of wanting to do like a checkboard type of thing (which would take aggges to do!) but look ace or maybe like a "rainbow brite" type of thing (which again would be awesome but take a long time to do!) failing that I was gonna go for red with blonde "tips" which I think would be cool also
purple and lime green. :D
doo ittttt.
Purple mohawk with lime green sides. <3
that sounds quite nice!v Not really for me though
do it like a darker colour on the bottom, then a lghter on the top,
rainbow. and do it into 6 spikes always.
I like lib spikes but they take a long time to do and cant do them on my own! I think I'm gonna go red


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