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ok so i love my mohawk being massive its like 8 inches which i guess isnt that massive compared to some people on here...well either way its getting hard to do..not in the front or the crown but the very very backk...its killing my arms...and i do it all myself at like four in the morning soo i can go to school soo having someone help is out of the equation...soo for you people who have massive mohawks how do you do the back without it killing your arms or being uneven or straight ... i can still get it done now..but i dont plan on cutting it soon soo how am i supposed to get the back up and have it look half way decent
thnxs for the help ...

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At a point in time when its too long to put up, it may be time for a cut. The only reason I would keep it longer than my ability is if I had someone who did a better job than me putting it up 2-3 times a week. And even then I don't think I could rely on someone else to be responsible for my hair.

I'm kinda surprised that its hard for you. Ive had mine at a foot before and my arms are prolly waaayyyyy shorter than yours. (I'm only a 5ft 1ish..)

I think that a nice and maintained mohawk looks better than a superr tall that just my little input.
ya its not really hard i can still do it just gets annoying because it never looks as good as the front for obvious reasons either way ill probablly just get it trimed to like seven or six
Like I said before, maybe a shorter one is the way to go. I wouldn't sacrifice the quality for length.
Try a different method, mine is way bigger than that and its easy.
well ive seen people use like cardboard..and crap ..i just hold mine up spray it ..and after i have all the sections up i run a comb through it and even it all out
not a good method......
Whatever works man.

We all do it slightly different
Just the way some people do it works way better in general.
If he combs through after its up it will fuck his hair and the comb.
yeah i know itll fuck it up and it already does little by little but thats the best way ive found that works for me and i can do it by myself.. i used to get help doing it and it looked really good but then i had to start getting up at four for school and they dont want to get up at four and help soo i had to do it myself and as i said this is the best way ive found..i mean im open to any suggestions
practice! if i can do it with a 13 inch hawk and short arms you can do it with 8.. you just have to keep trying and keep pushing yourself. find ways that make it easier for you, find products that make it easier for you.. it took me a long time to get methods that work well for me together..
yeah this was a while ago soo now its about a foot ..i found a method that looks good just not good for my hair soo idk
nooo i cant ... i hate it i have to wash it cause i feel like its getting all nasty and gunky soo yeah i wash it out every day


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