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Ok, I'm a newb to this site. And I also have some mohawk questions, since I just got mine not too long ago!Well my first question is, i've noticed it is easier to put my mohawk up when i have not showered... Is this just me, or why is this?

And my next question is i have really thin fine hair, its hard to put up my mohawk, can i get some tips on how to put it up?

And if you're strict about this sorta thing i should include its actually a chelsea hawk, not that much of a difference to me though

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If it's long enough, use gravity, hairspray and a blowdryer. I think that should do it.

For me I found it easiest to put up right when i get out of the shower. I put some Redken Rewind 06 in it then blowdry holding up the hair or bending over and my hair would stay up.  My hair is kinda thick though and this method gave me a messy wider hawk but thats how i like mine. you just got keep trying and find out what works best for you. Hope this helped a little. 

I too find it easier right after I get out of the shower. I have never tried spikes, only a fan, so I can't comment on which is easier.

Ah yes thanks. also, which do you think is easier; spikes or a fan??

I have fine hair too, I backcomb the bejeezus outta it haha. Or sometimes I spike it. It helps to keep a base a bit wider than is common so you have enough hair to put up. Also the more damaged it is the easier it seems to get lol, but I would still do a deep conditioner once a week for color treated hair. Wella works fantastically for me. What I do is tease it while it's wet a little bit, then blow dry it up, then spray a Little bit of freeze spray then back comb some more. Got2b chaotic fiber gum is good to define your face frame without it getting to gooey or weighed down.  fine tooth comb is good for the back combing! Good luck!


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