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1) Do you even worry about putting your hair into a mohawk if you are not even leaving the house?

2) Do you ever just go to sleep with the mohawk still up and let it get crushed while you sleep as I did last night?

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1) Sometimes, 'cause I usually do it to cheer myself up.  More often I now leave the house with it down, under a hood 'cause of it still being chilly at times out and about and I'm regrowing it a bit wider.


2)  Often, it doesn't usually get crushed much, except a bit at the back which can be quickly fixed the next morning.  With enough hair-spray in it, it'll hold shape pretty well as long as you sleep with your head mostly sideways. =)

1. I never put it up if I wasn't dong anything

2. I would just use a little hairspray on the back and it would be fine. No major repairs.

Since I have a mohawk and have to work it around military regs, I basically only have one on top for now, but that sucker got destroyed in my sleep last night.. It is probably due to the fact I am only using LA Looks Mega hold gel instead of spray, but the gel was free and I can't afford spray right now. I wasn't going to put it up today, but I did go out for a few hours, Otherwise I would have left my hair in a modified Ernst Rohm style.. I don't like Nazi's, but that is a pretty awesome and easy style to do with the amount of hair I have. That or just leave it in a

I keep hearing how "stupid" I look from my family.. So fucking annoying..

1- def not! but i don't worry about putting it up when i go out either sometimes, if i can be bothered i;ll do it, otherwise i'll wear a hat or go for just out of bed look. 

2- all the time. 

that said my hair is not too long, maybe 3 inches, so up or down is not major difference, and anyway I wash my hair every day just under the shower with water, it takes me no time with the hairdryer to sort it out :)

1) Yes, my friends are spastic and think since they took 2 hours to get ready then everyone else should be ready to go out on a moments notice, so I just left my hawk up permanently 

2) After awhile of having a hawk (after my first year or so) I felt it was more difficult to sleep with my hawk down than up, although the only time it ever "messed up" was because I got caught in a rainstorm and passed out in bed drunk and proceeded to do a barrel roll all night

1. Never. Down or up, doesn't matter much to me. When I'm in a bit of a hurry, I'll just leave the hawk down.

2. Nearly always. Doesn't actually get crushed usually though.

1) For me having my hawk up is a combination of A.Do I have product? and B.Do I have anything to do? if no then up it goes!

2) When I put my hair up I keep it up for around 3-4 days at a time with a touch up in the morns just a lil combing in the back and a lil spray, but I never rape my hair when I sleep lol


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