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I have styled my hawk every day for the past 3 weeks and it is getting hard.  How do i do keep it down without it looking stupid or really 1960ish? 


I tried a ponytail and it is just barily not long enough.


The hawk is about 4-5 inches in front and 4 inches in back.



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do you put it up every day, like style in the morning and wash it out at night. Cuz if your doing that, thats a waste of time just put it up one day and keep it up for a couple of days. You coud brush it forward like a deathlock or just put a little produc in it and rough it up abit with your fingers.
how do i keep it up for days like that? Shower cap?
well when i do mine i usually keep it up form anywhere from 3 to 7 days. Mines pretty long so a shower cap doesnt work for mine. If its for 3 days i just wont bathe cuz im just gross like that ahah. any longer and ill shower just not get my head wet, or do a sink shower. I've got hair on the both sides of my head so it gets gressey i just wash and rinze the sides in the sink.
sleep on your side, and make sure the water doesn't hit your hair. take quicker showers so it doesn't weaken the hawk as well.
the first few showers are gonna kinda feel weird because your gonna have to find a position that you can stand in, but after that, itll be the norm.

and ya, wear a hat or look like hitler. i just brush mine to the side.
"wear it down, look like hitler,"

I laughed, that's exactly what I thought when I cut my first Mohawk.
Well i dont have a mohawk but i've got 5 inch spikes all over, so I can kinda relate a little bit :D I wash mine like once a week after I've dyed it, spike it up, then go to sleep or whatever and in the morning just re-do it and hair spray like fuck :D It's so much easier than constant washing and shit, also if you dye your hair it lasts longer if you don't wash it much. As for wearing it down, buy a hat for now?


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