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So I have a lot of friends in the punk scene and what not and I personally have rocked a hawk many a time however I also have a deep, borderline obsession with vehicle modification as well as Overlanding which is a mixture of modified offroad rigs, long off road adventures and lots of camping out from your rig along the way. My current project which is also a dream vehicle of mine since I was a kid is a 1984 Toyota 4Runner SR5. I'm planning on modifying the rear area to hold various bits of gear and luggage under a slide out cubby system, multiple power ports as well as two 3 prong 110A plug ins, and a roof mounted pop up tent. I'm thinking that I cant be the only person out there that loves punk rock and the punk scene as a whole, as well as vehicles which, if you live by stereotypes, is a contradiction within itself. Come one and come all and share your stories or opinions. This is the idea I have for the inside of my truck

Here is my 84 as it sits now. I'm replacing a lot of old worn out parts on the engine now that its out of the truck while the body itself gets some rusted out areas repaired and getting metal work done to it so that I put a nice tan and black paintjob on it

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Cool build. I love cars. Currently I am saving money for a new DD and for something weird and classic. I spend a lot of time on Oppositelock.

Never heard of Oppositelock but I think I have something to oodle over now!

Woah, Opposite Lock is going to destroy my bank account.

Old 4wd cars are nice.   I have a 1995 L300 diy campervan and a spare part car also.  Both of them 4wd with high and low range gears

Dude that's fuckin' sweet!! ive seen those things go through some impressive stuff offroad and take a mean beating well over 300k Miles. Do you have any plans for it?

Thanx  :D   I'm super happy with it.     Well I reached my goal to fix it up and convert it to a campervan so the only goal now is to keep it running and ammend the rust before it gets severe   :)    How about you?  put more pictures up!  :D     Would be fun to see the progress   :)


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