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So i started thinking about this when reading Lena post. I got my hawk after i helped my best friend put in  his dreadhawk (r.i.p.) and now an older guy i work with has a really nice looking mohawk. It seams when one person gets a hawk more people around them starting wanting one. I had been wanting to put one in for a long time and helping Steve out in his dreadhawk was just too much. I tried waiting until i had a job but i just couldn't. Now i'm inspiring others to do the same. I love my funny fun hair!! 

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That's awesome :D My boyfriend has been wanting to get his back for a long time (he had one about 3 years ago) but didn't have the balls to do it before I got mine. They are totally contagious and I love it!
It just takes someone to break the ice
I agree! One of my friends had a beautiful mohawk. So my other friend and I got ours done just in time for her to cut hers off,but as soon as she did it, she wanted it back... Womp Womp
They are! I don't have one (YET!!! ^.^ ) But I'm definitely craving a nice set of spikes. There's a lot of creeps out there with them, just to be "cool" but that just means ya gotta show them up. I'm kinda freefloating in life so i don't give a rat's ass what people think about me but myself.

And with that, its not just the mohawk, but the way people with mohawks live that are contagious. If that makes any sense ha.
yup, my husband wants one now :)
I thought about getting a dreadhawk a couple of years ago,I still just might do it whenever my wife is ready to dread her hair
Strange, here, I've been the only mohawk for a couple decades - and I've never seen anyone else in my village get one. Although a lot of folk give compliments (in bigger towns) and say they want to have one, I never have met anyone who has been inspired enough to actually take the shave. Perhaps it's small village mentality and they don't want to stand out?

I think here, work is also a major restrictor, ppl can be very conservative to mohawks in business. Sadly. Of course, right now, the fashion here is more sculted hair, so perhaps some will dare to get the mohawk they know they want. =)
yeah they are contagious. This dude at my school a year back got one for spirit week, then i got one, then my friend got one, than like 3 lower classman got them. They all stayed for a few months then they all vanished.
I got mine due to being a lazy fuck tired of dealing with long hair but it's proceeded to mainly inspire little kids. Always entertaining having one when walking or on the bus go running to their mothers saying they want a blue hawk of their own
I was at the store the other day and this lady and her son came up beside me. He looks at me then his mom and asks her what I use to make my hair look like it does. She told him to ask me, so he did and I said hair spray and hair glue. He turns back to his mom and repeats what I said and added that he wants his hair like mine. he was probably about 8 or 9 yrs old. I just smiled and said that it's not hard, just have to know what you want.
Thats adorable =]
i think you were talking about putting in your bf's mohawk. but it was a while ago.


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