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I have to say i'm a bit surprised at how people at my church reacted to me having a mohawk.I was at church the other day and this lady comes up to me and wants to take my picture so she can show her neat freak daughter/grandkids my picture so she can shatter their neat freak mentality and stereotype of people with mohawks. (haha she said she was a grandma for mohawks) One old lady there thinks my hawk is the coolest thing ever. My paster and three other church leaders have told me to wear my mohawk up at church. 

I just thought it was cool and thought i'd share it with you guys. 

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That's pretty cool, especially considering they could all be the complete opposite and totally against it.
didn't see that coming! Only church I thought that would be pro-hawk is the Church Of Body Modification
Ive met alot of accepting people at churches. My boyfriend and his church are completely fine with him and his mohawk it just took them a little while to get used to.
i went to church with my girlfriends family on easter once (im an atheist just went out of respect) and i got so many bad looks from people except one old lady and my gfs family :)
That is really awesome.

I think most of the people (not just in church) who works with "kids" or something like that wants you to be yourself everywere, me on other hand would NEVER walk in to a church unless if someone close to me dies. ^^


(I don't hate those who believes in something, great for you that you've found something good for you, I just don't like churches and such things!)

People at my church are accepting, too. It is weird how it works but like you, people never gave me bad looks. Even when I had my liberty spikes (I had 6 spikes lol) nobody ever said anything and I didn't get bad looks from people. They were either obsessed with it or they wanted to stay away because it was so pointy lol I had people get more upset when I cut it shorter! My Algebra teacher still insists I could use it as a weapon though, he's weird. He does math calculations for fun.


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