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i just want to say, the people on this website are some of the coolest people ever. and not just because of the awesome bands, the incredible hair, the amazing clothes.

I’ve found that the people on here, for the most part, are some of the most positive, nicest, most polite and supportive people on the internet. if you just go through the pictures on this site you'll find almost nothing but positive comments. "you look gorgeous" , "freaking awesome“, “epic“, “sick." And when anyone post a question, or needs help with something, tons of people immediately rush to give helpful tips or advice. there are of course like in anything else a few bad apples who want to start ridiculous arguments and ruin every ones fun, but i don't think I’ve ever been on a website with as much positive feedback as this one. yes there are a lot of websites with good friendly people, but the magnitude and just the type of support that's given on here makes the comradeship stand out immediately.

anyways i just think everyone on here rocks. you guys are truly awesome.

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Haha, except the forum trolls? ..And the ones that are so nice and polite that they let nazis stay on this page :)
haha yea except the forum trolls, but those are everywhere. and everyone has a right to be wherever the hell they want, even if they are assholes. saddly.

oh no, we're not free to do what we want when we live in a have to take others into consideration, that meas that you're not free to do whatever you want(obviously).

you can do whatever you want on the web though. like look at slutty 16-40 year olds, see underaged sluts, child porn, 1 guy 1 cup, dead people etc

but in real life you can't! and i'm really really happy that there's a law that forbids nazis to get organized(where i live).


and btw, just because there are assholes everywhere doesn't mean that you should give up fighting them =)

Haha yea I know. In real life, day to day, you can’t just do whatever you want. But everyone is entitled to their own opinion, no matter how fucked up it is. Everyone can believe what they want. And even though in society you can’t always act on your beliefs, thank God for that, on the internet you can say whatever you want. And we can’t just ban people off the internet because we don’t agree with them. Yes you can ban people form websites but they can always find a way back or just go to another one. The internet gives us the power to share our views with the world. And everyone has the right to be online, no matter who they are. That’s what I meant. Even if I don’t agree with someone they have the right to be online and spew whatever shit they want.

And no you should never give up fighting assholes. Which is another nice thing about the internet. It gives you a chance to confront people without things escalating to violence. And without things quickly turning to violence you get more of a chance to talk to people and get your points across. And don’t get me wrong, just because the Nazi assholes have the right to be online doesn’t mean you should just ignore them and be like oh well, they’re here what can ya do. You should fight them. Do what you can to change their minds, try and make them see things differently. :)

haha SO TRUE, there are alot of awesome ppl on here and most are fairly well educated and polite, which most ppl would find strange being that alot are punks or metalheads and whatnot
Yeah, everything you said there is so true


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