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I've been away for a while to see if things would pick-up and I have come back to nothing really new. There are a couple new pics and some other things, but not as much as I thought there would be. I think the site has lost it's fun. People are getting bored with it. No one is posting in any of the groups I belong to, and no one even tries to start a conversation or comment in the group I started. Doesn't anyone care or listen to music here? Oh well. Nothing last forever.

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meh. talk more if you want more talking, going away certainly wont help.

I'm afraid it seems like other people are doing the same - going away or lurking, but then returning expecting more activity.  Another thing folk are doing is not bothering to post or reply to nice comments left, even though they get email notifications.  They just lurk or only comment once or twice on what they want much later, often ignoring 'Welcomes' or 'Happy Birthdays' from people.  A lack of manners and doesn't help the few who bother to try, continue to.


It's a malaise - everyone is waiting for everyone else to entertain them with activity, pictures, etc.  but that won't happen until people start thinking and finding what can I post to connect with folk and comment on myself?

Chicken and egg situation.  The site needs active people.  As you say, most are bored (and inactive) and new people see that, there's no momentum for them to join in and bother posting, replying or commenting much.


What people see, is what people do.  The site has grown so bloated with people who don't bother taking part in it anymore.  You see it in their empty profiles, their old activity list.


I can only see the community online staying active, if only the actively responding/taking part individuals are visible.  That and a netiquette is developed to let folk know why taking part and keeping posting/trying/replying will make a better community and site for everyone.  The old dross and inactive need spring cleaning I'm afraid.  Just too many people you come across with latest activity from 2009 and that doesn't encourage anyone to comment on them or post new stuff themselves.

That is true. This site just like everything else will be what we make it.

you are doing it wrong. come here daily, post daily, get involved. i'm guilty of doing and thinking the same as you. if we start coming here daily and doing shit on here, we will start to see the difference.

we certainly will. even a little comment on a pic could turn in to a grad discussion you never know.

Yep, completely right.  Just takes a couple clicks, a few words here and there.  A reply; a 'thanks'; a comment, a pic of something in your day.


Anything can spark off some life and encourage others to do the same - providing you respond and more do, it feeds back and builds a reputation that it's not just non-responsive people away from the site, that don't care to get back to earlier messages.


When you (and everyone) sees others responding and joining in - the community takes off.  It's happened before, it doesn't take many or much.  Just some genuine, reliable people that always respond - even it's two months later! haha  Through better like Joe says, daily for a few mins. heh

Yeah, it's a shame more people drop common courtesy to always reply to people.  It rubs off when someone doesn't say anything back.  Still, it's great when most folk are nice and do! :)  Makes everyone feel better and the site feel alive and friendly to all.

There is a new version of the mobile site now.  The old one was pretty bad.  Would love some feedback on what some of you think, before announcing to the rest of mohawks rock.


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