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i wanna hear some new music not neccessarily time new just something i havent heard..
i listen to pretty much any kind of metal, punk, rock, ska and physcadelic and im open to anything else thats just what i prefer
so any suggestions?


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Random Hand -

one of the best bands in the UK scene at the mo


Revenge of the Psychotronic Man are pretty awesome too


Oh and Choking Victim, because everyone deserves a bit of the Victim in their lives

 I could give you a million bands to listen to, because honestly I love sharing music. It's how I find bands I like and how I help others find bands they like. Instead I'll give you a few different sounds?


 I'm not quite sure what to call this. I think it's punk. This is the Rabble. Awesome band.


 This is a Pop Punk(?)band. I'm not quite sure. I don't even put music into categories except for good and bad. I'm just trying to tell you what they sounds sorta like. Bouncing Souls. Category: Good.

both brilliant bands, I wish I could get hold of the Rabble's older stuff

If you post a list of some bands that you listen to you'll have a better chance at getting some new groups you like.



cheak that shiz out!

ill check this stuff out,

hmmm i listen to a lottta shit like wavves animal collective dead kennedys the casualties nausea otep lessthanjake reel big fish leftover crack the infested suicide silence


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