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I know it sounds a little lame but I've been planning out how i want it cut and everything. I want to know if its a nice idea with all the measurements :P 

I'm planning on getting a crosshawk, it will keep my face frame in site but get rid of all that long hair in the back :P I'm waiting a little because my hair is a little layered and i want the top layer to grow out a little bit for a taller 'hawk. :) 

:D I won't shave my head~ I'm thinking of buzzing it down to an inch/ 2 cm. A little coverage and maybe later i might dye it. The height, if it will grow that long, may be 3 inches. 

This will be my first time doing this. :D 

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dude nothing lame about planning it ahead of time. you cant fix a fucked up buzz job. but yeah sounds bawlin, though personally i like really long hawks, like a foot high. those are hard to put up though

what the hell is a crosshawk? 


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