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My hawks slowwly falling aparttt need help broseffs!

i put my shit up 6 days a week and wash out on the seventh day, well evrey time i was it out an comb that shit i loose more an more hair haha, i kno its because its the shit that i do that ripps it out but im thinkink like i can fuckin leave stripsss of hair on each side of my mokawkk next time i shave the sides of my head clean, its gona look funny haha but i need more hair to reinforce the monument that sits atop my mellon ;]



sugjestionss? comments? x]

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Like a tri-hawk? Give it a go. My mohawk got to 14 inches long and just stopped growing. I mean, my roots are still coming in, but the length of my hair isnt getting longer... almost like the roots are pushing out the colored part of my hawk. I guess my split ends are breaking off exactly as fast as my roots are coming in... not really sure why I cant get past that 14 inch mark. : \ but im assuming split ends are the culprit.

nota tri hawkk haha but ima widen my mohawk by leaving a stripp of hair on each side ya kno what i mean? an in time those 2 stripps of hair will groww long enuff to become part of the actualll mohawk and searve as reinforcements to those who have fallen to the brushh out of the comb x] haha


but you get what i mean like those short stripss are gona look funny haha so im thinking about spikingthem as best i can till they grow long enuff

oh ok i know exactly what you're saying now. Yeah man go for it. if you dont like it, just shave em off : )

fur shure dude i think itll work in a year it will catch upp to the 9 inches that it seemss to top out at haha



I've done this, it looks kinda funky down but when it's up it blends in just fine. You need to start repairing your hair, damaged hair is easier to break off/fall out. Making it healthy means making it strong.

haha i kno what your sayyin x] it allreddys all stickin upp on the sides an shit haha, what do  you use to repair it??

Here is some healthy hair care tips:

-wash your hair every other day. unless you have extremely oily hair washing it everyday will make it dry. your hairs natural oils help protect your hair, so you dont want to wash it all away everyday.. but you also dont want to let it build up too much.

-wash your hair with warm water (not hot) and rinse with cold. the warm water, like the pores of your skin, opens your hair folicals, allowing it to be cleaned throughly. the cold water closes them back up.

- brush your hair well everyday. this takes the oils your scalp makes to protect your hair and coats each strand. be gentle and use a good brush.

- deep condition/use a hair mask once a week. you can buy some at both at beauty supply stores or most places that sell shampoo/conditoner. or you can make your own usuing foods like avacado, mayo, eggs, butter, olive oil, etc. mix together and nuke till warm work into your hair, cover with a plastic bag or plastic wrap and leave on for a half hour then wash out.
-use a hot oil treatment once a month, they can be found very cheap at beauty supply stores. hair placenta is also a great product found at beauty supply stores.

-get monthly trims to remove all spit ends.

-avoid using styling tools that use heat (blow dryers, curling irons, flat irons, etc). avoid bleaching and excessive dying..
And in your case, leave your hair down for awhile. All the tugging and pulling of putting it up and leaving it up puts a lot of strain on your hair. Give it a break and let it start repairing itself.

*swoons* haha

also: for future reference, get a hair dryer that has an option for "cool," blow drying your hair to get it up on a "cool" air setting will take longer, but do less damage. 


And what she said for avoiding bleach is basically the best thing you can do to prevent damage. Instead of avoiding bleach, maybe try just bleaching the regrowth/roots, instead of all your hair.

;) lol

Hmmm, you sure you never had this happen before?

You loose hair everyday, when the "fallen out" hairs are glued to your head, they wont come off until you wash it.

What do you use to put it up?

you gota addmit that like when your hairs up the momentum and the weight of having all your hair into one peice or in liberty spikes pulls hair out like when your head banngin an shit you can feell it pulling out the hairs that are all reddy strained to there fullestt  ya kno


even then stupid shit like not having enuff head room in my truckk my spikes areconstanly geting ripped an pulled by the ceiling ya kno , i have it upp all the the fuckin time man its the greatesttt but like you can see what im takin bout the hawk goes throu what ever i go throu like workin under trucks an skatin around even sleeping on it


i use got 2 b for base and gorillla snot to armor my tipss


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