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My mohawk seems too thin and wobbly and after a while, the tops bend and fall?

I've been trying to Povian method, and I use got2b freeze spray glued and the gel aswell which makes it stronger but it always ends up that my spikes bend in the middle after a while, and i've been trying to find out how to fix it. A few ex-mohawk friends have recommended Dax wax but I don't know how to fix the problem. I've a photo of my spikes here:

and my spikes when i put them up first thing are like:

If anyone has any idea on how to fix this problem, i'd appreciate it very much because it's been a pain to research!

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Povian method?

you could try widening your mohawk. 

if its currently this thick   |  |   try making it this thick  |     |  the next time you shave your sides. 

a lot of times when you mohawk gets really long it needs more hair to help support itself.
2"-3" is a good width depending on what you want to do with it. 

its gonna be a bitch to grow out, you may have to wear your hair down for awhile and once the new width grows out to a decent length you can get your hair cut to that length so its all even again. 

If you dont want to do that yet, then you can add more hairspray to where it is bending. 
you can try other products like Elmers glue, knox gelatin, or egg whites. my friends with super huge mohawks use those. 

Which im sure one of these fine young people can explain to you, I've never tried anything other than hairspray personally. "Pump it up" is a really good hairspray, cheaper and stronger than got2be in my opinion. 

Hi.....when you use the Got2B.....are you setting it with a blow dryer??

it's okay everyone, just after posting this I tried making it thicker in the spikes and it worked! thanks for the advice though c:

Sweet! yeah, I'm not sure how long you have had your hawk for but practice makes perfect! The more you work at putting it up the faster and easier it gets. :D


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