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I've been wearing my Dad's old combat boots that I found in the garage a
while back (I can't even find record of the company that made them, and
my Mom thinks they are at least 20 years old!), but they have
unfortunately broken beyond repair. They are about the size of an 8 eye
boot, with full lace up plus zippers. I have been searching for another
pair like them for a little while, but I think that the Disorder-100's
are the best I've found. I don't have enough money for any expensive
Grinders or the like, and it's hard to come by an ankle boot that has a
zipper on it. The Disorders are 8 eye, and supposedly have a zipper on the inside side of the boot, but I can only find ONE picture of it on the interweb. That's right, ONE. No videos or anything else either. The retail price is average, and I would be buying these at around $60 including shipping, which is pretty damn good.

Demonia seems to be a brand that makes mostly Goth/Industrial boots, but I do like these. Has anyone had any experience with Demonia?

Also, the Disorder-100s are polyurethane, not leather, so if anyone has experience with with PU boots, I'd like to know how well they stand up.

I don't want to bother explaining what the boot looks like, so I'll just put up a picture ;)

Any other suggestions for other boots is helpful too.

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Also, if anyone is looking for boots or any other cool shoes, try Sinister Soles ( They may not have quite what you want, but they are awesome people. Still run by the same couple who started it, and the prices are CHEAP. I emailed them a question about these boots, and they responded to me in UNDER A HALF HOUR! How cool is that?!
Are Docs too expensive?
Considering that the quality has gone to shit since production got outsourced to some where in Indo-China in 2003 and I can't find any of the old kind in any thrift/second hand stores, yes, Docs are way out of price range. Thanks for the suggestion tho :)
I asked because they're out of my price range too - apart from ebay. My saviour. I got mine for £22 which would be around $35. They were supposedly 'used' but I was actually, ironically, disappointed by the new shininess. (they're still awesome though). I do have newer ones, so basically the 'shit' ones you refered to haha but you can get older models on ebay too. Just a suggestion :)
Aw, man! You got lucky! I am still trolling Ebay, but I haven't found much on there up to this point. I'll keep looking. xD
That's it? That looks like any thriftstore has 3 pairs. Although I seen some MEGA Demonia boots at a thriftstore once..
I had the platform ones with straps(kicked ass). And some I got for $2 were pretty cool. Good luck finding colored boot laces!!!
Boots in Florida thrift stores are uncommon.


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