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well, i have a pair of docs and i love them. but now its winter and its freezing cold, and docs are terrible in cold canadian winters. also my tread is pretty much gone and i keep slipping on anything even remotely slippery.


sooo.. my question is... anyone know of any boots that look like docs (14 hole) but are actually warm?? i love garisons too but they're not really warm either... ugh..

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have you tried thermal socks?

i have. it helps, but only for so long. and im usually outside quite a bit.


i went horseback riding a while ago, wore 2 pairs of really thick socks, and by the end of it, my feet were absolutely aching because they were so cold. lol this sucks! i wish it was warm out.

hmmm... Grinders are made in england, so they MIGHT be warmer than made in china docs. I mean, its 10 degrees out in england now, so I'm guessing they have to be :P

hmm true :P i'll look into it.

hopefully you have some cash to burn, theyre pretty pricey, but I used to live in michigan, so I know how cold wet feet feel T_T

im poor as fuck lol. hoping to get a bit of cash at christmas!

you can try finding them on eBay, just make sure they're your size

I always worry that ebay shoes will be smelly.
If theyre used they might be. Check the toes; if they have that crease at the front, then theyve been worn quite a bit. Allot of people try to sell shoes on eBay because they don't like em and, for one reason or another, can't return em!
I know what you mean, but I still worry that I'll get a pair and they will just reeeeeeek. The toes thing is good advice tho. :]


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