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Like the title says "new girlfriend wants me to cut the mohawk" but I Really don't want to but I also don't want to ruin what "could" be a good thing. Any suggestions?

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HA you do know the story of samson and delilah dont you,,,never trust a woman who tells you to cut your hair off
ummm....... she's your NEW girlfriend and she's already trying to change you? if she doesn't like you for who you are, then whats the point in being with her?

its cool that you don't wanna ruin what could be a good thing, but if this is a big deal to her and she's complaining that you should change your hair... what else is she going to want to change about you?

but if its not really a big deal to you.... might as well cut it off. its hair, it can always grow back.
Ya if she is changing you already then it should be GAME OVER. I wouldnt get rid of the hawk unless I legally had to.
I still wouldn't haha
...but I don't have one...
Tell her you'll shave your head if she shaves hers first. I wonder what she'd say to that.

Anywho, if you have to change for something that "could' be a good thing, it won't be. Especially since she's a new girlfriend. You havent had the time to see if it will or if she is someone who you really want in your life. You dont know yet, and if you change and it doesn;t turn into a good thing, youre gonna be pissed that you cut off your hawk.

The thing Ive always wondered about this senario is: If she's your girlfriend, she should not be trying to change you. If she liked you and wanted to go on a date with you and be your girlfriend in the first place, she should like the hawk too. She knew it was there the first moment she saw yau and she went out with you. She souldn't care about hair and she shouldn't be trying to change you.

If you do cut it off, make sure it was for you and not a girl. Ive made that mistake a few times and it NEVER went anywhere when I thought/ she made me think that it "could" if I did change my hair. First its hair, then what? Friends? Music? Hobbys? Thats pretty much how it was for me. If she's your girlfriend, and she dumps you over hair, whats that say about her? Tell her in a normal tone of voice and calmly that you will not change your hair for her. Dont be an ass about and tell her to suck a dick. That would make her dump you more than refusing to cut a mohawk off.

Sorry for the long rant but in the end, If it takes you shaving off your mohawk for something that "COULD" be a good thing, it wont be.
Keep us updated. I wanna see where this goes.
fuck yea man....but hell with ya man...that dude should fuck gettin rid of te hawk...fuck the bitch then dump her
if you had the hawk when you started dating i don't see what her problem is. plus if you like it, tell her you don't want to cut it off, it's your hair not hers.
Well, sounds like she's fussy - which could mean you'll end up getting in arguments a lot. Does she disagree about other things? Clothes or that?

It's hard for any of us to advise. I guess you need to consider how long you suspect the relationship to last, based on how demanding she is in general, and whether you can tolerate it.

If you begin to resent her, it's not good - perhaps you could explain to her how important the 'hawk is to you? A relationship should be about communication with give and take, but not moulding someone against their will.

Is it about the shaved sides? Perhaps she doesn't like that and you can compromise by growing them in and not shaving them cropped.
Don't be whipped. Keep your hawk and tell the bitch to deal with it.
It will never be a good thing if someone tells you what to do or doesn't like you for you and not your hair. So since there is no chance that it "could" be a good thing go with Reverend Mike and tell her to blow you!
I agree with everyone else. The most I've asked my hubby to cut is his talon-like toe nails, haha.
Oh, goodness. Brah, don't put up with her bullshit. And So What, you made a great, and lovely rant. :D But you can't be controlled by your girlfriend. Heard of "give and take?" And that saying has nothing to do with how you look, or changing yourself. And it's your NEW girlfriend for crying out loud. If she can't get past how you look, and like you for you, maybe she shouldn't have that title. It's pathetic how girls are always constantly trying to change their boyfriends. If you can't accept them in the first place, why even bother? Seriously? Does the challenge entice you? Is bending and breaking souls a new hobby for bitchy, controlling chicks? It's like the first thing they look for in a guy is if they live to change and behave or not. And personally, I'd rather be with a guy, and we argue over our disagreements, and either come to a compromise, or just go and fuck. Either always works, ahah. But seriously, if all she cares about is how you look, fuck that shallow cunt.


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