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I grew up on punk rock and for some reason I always had shoulder length hair and never a mohawk.. I joined the army reserve because I was broke and nobody was hiring.. I tried doing a mohawk, but was told to cut it.. I have my hair in some very odd mohawk style, but at least I can have it, eh? I think I finally beat the regs, all I need to do is shower and brush my hair down and it meets regs, otherwise for the time I am not under regs, I have my mohawk. I have only had it for a few hours, hope you guys can tell me what you think and give some good tips to improve my first attempt. Also, my gel is fucking weak as hell..

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Not too bad, nice way to get round regs too.   Hairspray though is the way to go.  Gel tends to be too heavy.  Got2B Glued works very, very well from folk I've seen who use it.


Though for your hair length, any strong hold hairspray will work fine.

Thanks, I put a lot of though into You can tell how weak and cheap the gel is by the front drooping and th curvature.. Kinda reminds me of a bird.. Any suggestions for a cheap walmart hairspray? When I get out, I'm growing my hair back shoulder length and I plan on putting dark red strip on both sides (Like Kathleen Hanna in the early 90's) of my head and making a mohawk with the sides not shaved, kinda like I see a lot of women doing.. I think that would look amazing and if I wanted to go without a mohawk, easy conversion to a dyed shoulder length hair.

I'm afraid we don't have Walmart in the UK - so I can't advise brands.  I just use a regular 'Extra Strong Hold' one - any of them that have that on the label should do, for up to 6 or so inches.  Even the cheapest hairspray I can find does fine for a couple inches.  So, I don't think you need worry too much which one to try. :)


Just spray lots into the base of the hair first - really coat it, then blow dry from the roots up, holding the hair up with a comb until you've dried it thoroughly.


Well, I'm always one for stripes :)  So, should be interesting to see with the red down either side.

UK? I'm originally from Ireland.. I'd kill to move back.. Alright, I'll give that a try, thanks! Oh, I'm going to try a Charles Bronson mustache I hope for awesome results! Any tips on how to get the front nice and straight? Gel had no effect and I used a lot there, even gave it extra blow drier time..

I'm from Scotland. :)


Just a comb and hairspray while holding it up drying, really.  I usually have to repeat it and respray more & dry until it's straight.  Hanging your head upside down while holding it and blow-drying can help too for the front.


Gel does just seem to droop from the weight. :(



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