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I'm thinking on getting a lip piercing, I'm only 16, and I can hide it easily, and I could take it out and let the hole heal before I need to go and start my career. Worst case senario, I get a mark on my lip. Or I get an infection, both of which are treatable.





 The picture here would be the actual piercing. My school has no problems with it, and it's not like I can do it when I'm 30 or even 20 for that matter.


Gotta convince my mom first. Any tips on the piercing, or the approaching of the parent?


Not afraid of the pain, I have had needles in me before (Medical tests, I swear!) so I'm not afraid of the pain, would have a professional do it though. I don't wanna get fucked up bc of it.


you have no clue how much this helps. I wanna get a piercing, and for once, I'm not afraid of the pain idea, just the MOM part of it. How did you get around your mom/parents?

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Ya hah!
tell your mom everything you just said, really.
don't use alcohol to clean it, it kills the new skin cells :(
use mouth wash or brush your teeth every time you eat
try not to use mouth wash that contains alcohol
even Castile's soap & warm salt water is good to use in order to clean it
since you say you wanna get it done professionally,
make sure you go to a shop that always uses new disposable needles, cleans their hands, and uses gloves...
oh yeah dont let them use tooth picks... (believe it or not... they really try that lol)
i have snakebites...had mine for 2 years... only emos get lip rings laffs jk... why yu gunna wait till your 20 or 30?
If your mom says no, deal with it. Worse comes to worse you just have to wait until you're 18.
Also, not all infections can just easilly be treated, some can kill ya. ;)

In my honest opinion, from the things you've said here, I really think you need to mature a little bt and do a bit of research before getting a piercing.
Can I ask WHY you cannot get it at 30, or in fact 20??? Im 31, got a nose piercing last year and just got my lip pierced. Seems to be an excuse to have it done now!!!


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