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i know i'm probably gonna get some criticism for this, since everyone think rancid is fake punk, but did anyone hear anything about the new album? its taking forever to put out. they played a new song when i saw them last.

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I dont think Rancid are fake.
Just cos they didn't come in the initial wave of punk doesnt mean theyre fake. They released their first album in 93
They're one of my favorites. The new albums ok ive heard a few songs, i prefer older songs and lately they're going more mainstream they have an Alterntive Press cover and are featured on Hot Topic but theyre still good not popular
i cant say i hate it, but i also cant say i love it.

i can listen to it, but its nothing special, there older stuff is by-far better, this album really isn't terrible though. i haven't listened to it for awhile, well all the way through, but i know there are some songs on there that i find myself singing a long to(east bay night being one of them)

only song that gets me mad is the "last ones standing" i think its called. there kinda giving off the vibe there the only punk group left, that kinda pissed me off since there's tons of great punk bands out there.


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