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Okay so today I went and got my very first mohawk, but technically its a Chelsea Hawk. Im not very good at putting it up yet, its about 4inches, but Im proud to say it held through the wind, and a million people asking to touch it! Ill call that a good day haha so after lurking for a while on here, I decided why not join since I have a 'hawk now! So hi there! 

I guess this was just me saying hello then :D

Oh, and I guess Ill ask a question: Any tips for my fan, the top its prey fine, but the back gets very spacey and stuff. No one else seems to mind, just me, but you know lol

(btw, I had some roots I apparently missed last time I did my hair, thats the brown circle thing on my head... Im fixing this tomorrow!!)

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OMG Maria......that is soooo awesome!! Don't you just love your new Hawk?? You will only love it more as time goes by! :-)

Here is a common reply I have given to people wanting to know how to put their Hawks up. It works well for me, so you can give it a try and see what you think. 

When you put your Hawk up, start with cleaned, dry hair. Start at the front, and spray some Got2B Freezing Spray on a 5" or 6" section....starting at the roots and then up to the ends.....put more on down at the roots than the don't want to overdo the ends and make them too heavy. Take a comb and lift whatever side of this section you sprayed up. Now take the other side of this section and do the same to distribute the Freezing Spray thru the hair. Then take one side of this section and lift it with the comb and hold it up with the comb at the end of the hair. Take a blow dryer on low speed with heat and while holding this section up with the comb, gently blow some heat onto it to "lock" it up in place. Do the same again with the other side of this section. It should be standing up on its own now. Continue doing the same for the rest of the Hawk as you go from front to back. Once you have it all standing up, then just respray any spots that maybe aren't tied together or any gaps, and then gently run the comb thru them after spraying to make it as even as possible. Then spray the ends of the Hawk with either a bit more Freezing Spray or you can use hair spray now and then take your palms and just put a palm on each side and kind of lift the tips up and out to finish the Hawk up. Once you get it, you can go for about four days before you have to wash it out....just sleep on your side. 

So let me know how this works for ya.....but Got2B Freezing Spray is the only thing I have found that works the best. You can get it at WalMart for about $6.50 a can. Send me some pics when you have tried this! :-)

Welcome to the wonderful world of a Hawk! :-)

Thanks!! And yes I already love it! I get a lot of strange looks from people but I kind of like it haha I mean I was rocking pink hair for a while so I'm used to looks but this is even more different!

The first thing I bought was got2be glued freezing spray! I heard that worked well! I found myself trying to fix what the lady at the salon did.. I swear they need to be taught this stuff. I wonder how they aren't because I thought Mohawks were pretty standard things. But she had no idea how to put a Mohawk up. I had to tell her, after she already put gel all over it and was just weighing it down.. *sigh* so I was working with that. Well find out tomorrow.. Or today rather I guess, if I can do it on my own well! :) I had to wash it out due to the fact that I'm fixing my dye job today ^^;


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