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So recently I've started putting my hair up as a faux hawk and I have some questions I think you guys can answer.

It's about 5.5 inches tall at the top and 1 inch at the nape of my neck.

1) About how long should I let it grow before I can go full hawk and be able to hide the shaved sides when I need to look professional?

2)How thick should the base be in order to be able to wear it down and have it look decent?

3) Will styling it stunt it's growth?

It's really thick at the base and too thin at the top. So instead of it going straight up it's curvy. I have to smoosh it between my hands to get it to go up but I want it to go straight up. 

Most of the time I use Short and Sexy Straight Up gel and have started to add some Bedhead hairspray.

4) Any tips?

Having trouble fanning it. I run a comb through it but then it doesn't stay up so I have to add more gel and then it gets messed up.

5) Any tips?

It always goes forward when I'd like it to go straight up.

6) Any tips?

If I come up with any more questions I'll post them here. If you can help me out that would be great. I never imagined I'd like this hairstyle but ever since I've started I love it and want to continue.

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I'll answer the points I think I'm able to...

- Styling (like bleaching/hairdrying) can make your hair brittle and likely to break, though it depends on how much/often you do these things.  This tends to get worse the longer the hair is, since it's older at the tips than the base.

- Don't use gel above 3 inches - switch to just strong hair-spray and hairdrying, holding first one side with a comb, spraying from base, working up as you dry it (Do it in sections, ignore the gap between, that can be fixed while doing the other side).  Then for the other side, repeat, but position the comb so it pulls up over the middle of the gap.

- Hairspray should help improve getting a better 'hawk at that length - gel tends to be too heavy, since it thickens the hair and makes it curl - unless you use something like Got2BeGlue gel - which I've seen do 'hawks higher than 5", though never tried it myself yet.

I also find, redoing the 'hawk the next day (without washing) gets easier to get a neater fan.

Hi DreaDon....for question 1, the reality is it would have to be quite long if you really want to completely cover shaved sides...I would say at least 8-10 inches long. If you are shaving the side to a #1 or less, it really is hard to have a "professional" Societys' eyes that is. 

For question 2, I'm not sure exactly what you mean....the base of the Hawk? General rule of thumb for the Hawk is have it the width between the center of your pupils. If you mean how long should the sides be to look "decent", (again in Societys eyes), then I guess I would say about a #4 or longer, which would be 1/2" or longer.

For question 3, I have not found that putting up my Hawk has stunted its growth, but there are a lot of people that would disagree. I don't put it up everyday though, I usually put it up Monday morning, then leave it up till Wednesday night, wash it out, and put it up again Thursday morning to make it thru to Friday night and finish off the week. Then I wash it out Friday night and leave it down for the Weekend. You can go up to four or even five days, but it will usually start to itch a bit after three days.

For questions 4,5, and 6.....I have copied my answer and pasted it here as I have used it numerous times before to help people to get their Hawks up. Putting up a Hawk takes time and practise...the more you do it, the better you will get. I'm not perfect by any means, but I have found this to be a decent way to do it if you are having trouble to start with:

Try using Got2B Freezing Spray.....start with washed, dry hair.....then take a comb and starting at the front or back, doesn't really matter.....lift one side of the Hawk with the comb and spray it with freezing spray, mostly at the roots. Then lift it up with the comb and out. Do the same on the other side so it starts to stand up a bit. Now do it again, bit of spray, and then lift it up and out with the comb, then hold it there with the comb, and take a blow dryer and just give it a bit heat to "lock" the freezing spray into place. Switch to the other side and do the same again. Get your whole Hawk up like this and then redo any small gaps you might have till you get it right, now take some extra hold hair spray, like a #5, and spray it all over your Hawk and take your hands and just fine tune the tips and such. It takes practice, but you will get onto it. Hawks are funny....some days they just go up so nicely with hardly any problems, and the next time you fuss with them for twice as long as usual, and never do get it quite the way you want it. You will find that on the second day when you wake up with your Hawk, take a wide spaced comb or roller brush, and just lightly go thru your hawk with them, and respray it with hairspray, that it usually will look best after that on the second day. You can generally go up to three days with a Hawk before you need to wash it out and redo it cause your scalp will start to itch. Let me know how you make out! :-)

So that's about all I know right now......hope this has helped ya out. There are lots of other people on this site that will help ya too. Enjoy your Hawk, cause they are awesome. :-)

Thanks guys. Those tips definitely help. Last time I did it I got sick of the sides being so long cuz when the top is up it makes the sides look puffy n I don't like it so I said eff it and just went all dbz with it. I loved it but sleeping with it was pretty uncomfortable lol.


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