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Hey Hawks,

I think wearing a Mohawk is fucking hot and makes a real macho man out of a guy. It's the most cool, sexy and masculine haircut I know….

For this reason it has been in my head for more than a year now……

and it after a while always returned:  THE DESIRE TO GET ONE MYSELF…..

But at the same time I was doubting about it, scared because of the possible reactions…..

As I've always had a 'normal' haircut, of course I am haunted by this one big question, which a lot of other guys that want to wear a Mohawk will ask themselves too: What will the people who already know me for such a long time think if I suddenly turn up Mohawked????
But the Actor Josh Duhamel already did it....

The Pokerplayer George Danzer did it...…

Still unmohawked…..                                                                                                             Mohawked!!!

And the rock singer Max Schneider just did it too......

As he until recently used to be: unmohawked…...

And here he has left his former average haircut behind: MOHAWKED!

Looking at all three cases, I must confess: it means changing a cool guy into a superhot one!

But at the same time, everybody who takes this big step already at a big distance will become an eyecatcher, standing out in the crowd with a central straight strip of dark brush-like black hair separating the two nearly smooth light-grey round halves of the skull mirroring each other...

So each time I again am doubting: should I submit my head to the clippers too? And if so, what kind of Mohawk should I chose? Should I have the sides of my head indeed shaved egg-bald with the razor at position zero? Have the barber even use shaving cream? How wide or narrow should the brush of hair that will be left on my skull become for a good look? How long the tail in my neck, and how should it end - tapering into a pointed V or rather cut off straight?

Next week I probablly will take the big step to pay a first visit to the barber for first preparations, so I am looking for advice of experience guys, who already are Mohawked and thus has passed the crucial initiationrite of this great site...

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I went straight from long thick hair to a pretty long mohawk, maybe 10in high once I finally figured out how to get it to stand.

At the time, I was 29 and had a good secure job where I felt it wouldn't impact my career... plus I was going to use my birthday as an excuse... and if it was a real disaster I'd just go bald for a bit until it grew out.

Obviously, it wasn't a disaster... well kind of until I figured out how to get it stand. Back then, there wasn't a lot of resources and really why I ended up starting this site.

I figure it's kind of like getting into a cold pool. You can jump off the diving board straight in or ease yourself in through the stairs into the pool. There's no "one" right way. I'm more of jump off the diving board type and see what happens. At a different age, or a different job, maybe I'd have done it differently.

If you are more wanting to ease into "the look".. you can certainly just try getting the sides short and leaving the top long. Sort of fauxhawkish. Depending upon the length of the top you can try spiking it up with gel or spray when you want and leaving it down when you don't want to. I'm thinking down it won't be too radical especially if you don't bic the sides. In fact, that guy in the middle of the last pic might be an "ease your way" in look.

Of course, if you are ready, confident and just want to jump into the deep end and get the shock value new look like your last example. Bic the sides, spike it up and see what people think. I doubt it'll be as bad as you fear and probably a lot more fun than you think. In the long run, we aren't talking tattoos or even piercings here. It's just hair. It grows back but can be a fun way to change your look easily and let people see who you are inside. 

Hi Giant Mohawk Man,

thanx a lot for your long reply. Well, i'm not into the spiky model, my goal is a Mohawk as the pics of George Danzer and Max Schneider copied above shows, the hair only being a bit less long than theirs. I don't want to dye it either, only [perhaps use a bit of gel to keep it together and prevent it from becoming messy .

The main features of my ideal Mohawk should be a brush of the same height all-over, the strip not being too narrow, and - very essential to me - one that indeed stretches as far as the nape of the neck. I think the latter may count as the most 'daring' aspect of the special subgroup of Mohawks that I prefer, requiring the most courage to wear, as it is exactly the tail that makes this kind of haircut really outstanding and an eyecatcher, inviting everybody to stare at your Mohawked skull.

This perhaps might be also a reason that a lot of guys do without the tail?

The guy at the right of the last pic illustrates this eyecatching character sufficiently: he inmediately will attract the attention from behind, with that central straight strip of dark brush-like black hair separating the two nearly smooth light-grey round halves of his head. The sharp border between hairy strip and both bald halfrounds makes I think is superhot. It really makes me jealous that he has he balls to do so - and I hope I will find the guts too.

Of course you're quite right: correcting a 'mistake' is much more easy with a haircut than with tattoos.

Regarding introducing myself with this cool haircut to the public: as such the idea of a jump into the deep is of course, and get the shock value new look at once, is much more exciting. Perhaps not as much because of the shock to others - that's not what I am especially into - but because going at once from an average haircut to a Mohawk for myself would have the character of a kind of initiation-rite, and should also in a physical/mental way be a very intense experience, having the sides of your head at once completely shaved, feeling how they become bald within a few minutes, and watching how your luxurious tuft of hair is reduced to a narrow straight ribbon on the crown of your head.

Sounds like you know what you want and jumping into the deep end is exactly that goal. Probably by the time you use a buzzer on like a zero setting you may even break out the bic. Admittedly, the bic on a never shaved skull was kind of tricky, so I went with a beard trimmer on zero for the last little bit and that did enough to really show the sides.

Well it's the choice between what I in theory want and what I in practice dare.....Between the safe way of letting my environment gradually get used to a new haitsryle (and see how far I can go without earning too much negative reactions) and the hot experience for myself of getting my Mohawk at once, as the big bang of my new appearance.

And a big part of this hot experience would be the fact that my skull indeed has never been shaved before, and this idea is very appealing to me. So it's the whole time in my head.

Small question, as I am no native speaker: what's a bic? (My dictionary doesn't give the word)


Namely a full discussion of the emotionally powerful . . . and wildly exciting . . . experience when each Mohawk fan makes that momentous, risky decision of whether to submit to the clippers for the first time . . . a momentous decision that cannot be reversed once the clippers have stripped away half the hair on your head . . . leaving 3/4ths of your head  egg-bald, with only a narrow, bristly strip of hair remaining.  (Although hair does grow back.)

"Tomtogetmohawked" and "Giant Mohawk Man" have performed a huge service for the rest of us Mohawk fans by launching that open, public discussion of the pure excitement of that first Mohawking  for the first time ever.  Long overdue!!!

Tom deserves huge credit for being probably the first Mohawk fan to ever openly discuss the sheer excitement  of going under the clippers for the very first time . . . a thrill that every Mohawked guy remembers for the rest of his life . . . thrilling because it's so risky and so incredibly daring . . and so damned much fun!!!  

Like the so-called "performance artists" of the 1970s and 1980s, Tom . . . by spending many weeks carefully planning every step, every nuance in his first head-shaving, lingering lovingly over every single detail of his initial scalping . . . is turning his first Mohawking into what those earlier performance artists used to call "a happening" . . . hopefully complete with a live audience to watch him being shaved, if he can arrange it.

In short, Tom is turning his first shearing into what, in actuality, it probably has always been for many of us Mohawk fans, even if we never admitted it publicly.  He is actually turning it into an artistic event . . . his masterpiece of "performance art" . . .  that he will remember for the rest of his life . . . and so will his audience, if he can arrange to have people there.   If possible, he wants a live audience to have the pure fun of watching him get stripped of his hair during his unusual piece of "performance art."  Good for him!!!   It is indeed loads of fun to watch . . . and even more fun to go through as either the "victim" or the person wielding the clippers.  

I'll bet we could talk Tom into posting a video of his initial shaving right here on "Mohawks Rock" so all of us Mohawk fans can share his excitement.  I can hardly wait.

Tom also deserves huge credit for openly discussing what all of us Mohawk fans are fully aware of . . . but which we rarely, if ever, discuss publicly.  The fact that . . . (shhh!  Don't tell anybody) . . . Mohawks are incredibly sexy haircuts (gasp) . . . and the fact that the initial act of submitting voluntarily to the clippers for the very first time is an incredibly sexy experience to go through (double-gasp).  If it wasn't sexy, it wouldn't be any fun, right?  If it wasn't a sexy experience, then most of us guys probably would never go through that risky, daring experience.  

As Tom himself put it in one of his postings elsewhere on this discussion page, "I think wearing a Mohawk is fucking hot and makes a real macho man out of a guy. It's the most cool, sexy and masculine haircut I know."  Beautifully stated, Tom!!!  That's exactly what it is!!!  But until you came along, very few people have ever said it publicly.  Well, it's about time it was said.

Tom is correct that a Mohawk haircut . . . with just a few quick swipes of the clippers . . . has the almost magical effect, of instantly transforming drab, boring-looking nerds into fiercely masculine studs who literally exude maleness, with a haircut copied from helmets of the ancient Spartan warriors and from Native-American warriors of 200 years ago.  . 

Is that "toxic masculinity?"  Absolutely not.  If a guy can't have loads of fun treating his own masculinity with an innocent playfulness, then what good is it being a man?  What causes "toxic masculinity" is when some guys are so darn insecure in their masculinity that they can't have fun playing with it.  Beware the guy who takes his masculinity so seriously that he can't have fun with it.  Those guys can be dangerous.  Getting Mohawked is -- among other things -- a way of having innocent fun with your own maleness.  Emotionally, it's incredibly healthy -- the exact opposite of "toxic masculinity."    

So let's all follow along with Tom as he has a truckload of fun planning every delicious aspect of his memorable Mohawk "happening" . . . his "performance art" . . . just for the fun of it.  Go, Dude!!!  This discussion is waaaaay overdue.

I can't wait to see you scalped, Tom!!!  So post a video when you decide to submit to the clippers.  Share the wealth.

By sharing all the fun with others, you will be offering wonderful encouragement to all those millions of other dudes out there who secretly would love to go under the clippers . . . but just aren't sure they have the balls to go through with that risky haircut.   By sharing what it's like to go through it, step-by-step, you are re-assuring them that it's probably the most fun thing they will ever do in their entire lives . . . that, as the old saying goes:  "Every man secretly wants to be Mohawked at least once in his life."  So quick . . . grab the chance when you have it . . . even if you never do it again.

Tom, we all owe you a big debt of gratitude.

---Scalped 442

Hi Scalped,

in fact I haven't much too ad to your great text, as it is EXACTLY as I look to the whole stuff - with the only big difference that you already have taken the big step in the past, and I, meanwhile in my fifties, still have to take it. 

And indeed the Mohawking-process itself, the endurance, for the first time in your life, of the huge sensation of the clippers on big parts of your skull where you've never felt the clippers before, the feeling that the hair on threequarters of your head is completely shaven away, the sense that, once you have watched the first big package of your hairlocks falling down on the floor, the allways protected sides of your skull now until far up will be exposed directly to the air, the in those very seconds occurring understanding that your decision can not be reversed anymore and that there is no way back, the knowledge that from now on at your formerly flowering tuft of hair is reduced to just a long narrow brushy strip on the crown of your head between two egg-bald sides, going from the front to the nape of your neck, the fact that only now you really start to realize that you from now on will have to wear for many weeks at home, at your work and in public an eyecatching hairstyle that especially because of the striking "tail" on the back of your skull will make heads turn, as it makes you stand out from all ordinary guys and introduce you into a kind of 'brotherhood'': all that for me is an essential, and indeed also 'sexual' part of getting a Mohawk.

The prospect of going through all this myself soon is turning me on in an unknown extent already now. Already preparing myself mentally for this initiation-rite has an enormous powerful emotional impact. The great pics Scalped posted here of guys during their process of scalping make me jealous and wish to be the next!

Just two other great examples of transformation into great studs, posted by members of this group in the discussion "Before and after". What a difference!

From this......

To this.......

And thie second.....


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