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What nicknames have people given you?

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your principal made you shave your head?! how the hell did he/she get away with that?!
bax bax (it was at a party and my mate asked for her phone while i was passed out at 5am or summat stupid)
jekka (not a clue..ive grown up with it)
bert ¬¬
uuh theres loads others..
Love the humor and story behind them, providing more then just a description of your appearance. Yay for creative friends. Godzilla one was rather humorous...
Hmm.. I have a few nicknames, though most of my friends just call me by my name, Kayla.

~Kimi: because when I was younger I loved the show The Rugrats (haha) and she was my favorite character...and because when I first went on the internet a little bit on this website for the cartoon Codename Kids Next Door a few years ago when I was 12, I signed up with the name Kimi because I was afraid to use my real name, so a few online friends who I had met there years ago and still talk to today call me that.

~Kay-Mart: my friend Kelli calls me this because of the store "Kmart"...and since my name is Kayla..yeah..haha.

~Valo: Because HIM has been my ultimate favorite band for years and the singers last name Is Valo. A few friends from school call me this as a nickname. Haha, a few people who ride my school bus actually thought that was my name for the longest time since my friend called me that name while talking to me.

~KaylaBaylaBungaBoo: Yes. I am serious. Thankfully this nickname has long ago died away. I was called this by my mom when I was 2, haha.

And... if you count things random people you don't know as a nickname, I get called "the girl with the mohawk" and stuff like that by people who don't know me.
Jay, 'Hawx (I know, original. D:), Firebird, a few unimportant others.

The only one I like is Firebird, since it combines my love of 'hawks with my love of setting things on fire. : D
aside from being called everything you can think in relation to my hawk the ones that actually stuck with people were mohawk, peacock head, fishy, corpsequeen, nick, sam, and nikki ...corpsequeen and nikki being the only ones i actually enjoy having haha
When I have my hair down, people call me Peguisis (sp?) because apparently it looks like a horses mane.
Let's see, Huggy Bear, Teddy Bear, Filipino Warrior, Madam, Tiny, The Post, mohawk, Shirley Temple, Sgt. Quoto, Donatello (after the Ninja turtle), Fatty McButterpants (lovingly given from my sister), Roast Beef, Mohawkman, Bup Bup, Big Man, Turtle, Advinc.

I think if you give a lot of nicknames you tend to get a lot too. Roast Beef and Filipino warrior were the ones that stuck around the longest.
My freshman p.e. teacher called me lennon after john lennon because of my political views i was know as ripper or little ripper at a pool (R.I.P. D.W.) i used to skate and most recently ive been given the name pea head.
got a new one the past week or 2
Nice ;D
LOL! Even though I'm totally against racism, I still find racist old people funny.


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