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What nicknames have people given you?

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wolverine, elvis, wolverines little sister, mitchfit, fatty and my all time favourite...TeenWolf.
they all usually have something to do with my side burns or pomp.
dani has been my nick name since i was born. its short for danielle. my mom had just turned 16 a month before i was born and like soap opreas i guess cuz she said on days of our lives or some show like that one of the couples had a little girl named her danielle and called her dani, so thats how she got my name. and "damnit dani".
oh and i had this parrot once that always called me ethel.
Pots, FartMaster Flash (dumb didn't stick), Pato
Booker cuz my names paige and pages are in books. My little pony cuz my hairs blue/green/pink all faded together. BFRF me and my friend mikkals thing it means best fucking rockstar forever. Paige-a-rooski my english teacher calls me that. and Crazy mohawk girl by pretty much everybody. ahah
I used to get called Trouble a lot. In the end I adopted it as my middle name legally.
Sonic, cause my hair's big and half blue and looks a bit like Sonic the hedgehog I guess? I sometimes just get referred to as 'spikey' when I'm out and people don't know my name, which is fine by me :)
Mimi- got that after my mother told a friend a story of when I was a little kid, I ran out of food and got bored so I unbuckled my car seat and sat at the other window waving at cars. One of them was a cop, we got pulled over, and when my mother handed him the license and registration I thought it was food and kept going '' Luckily the guy just laughed and let us go.

Jerry The Zombie-one of the ones that just magically appeared out of nowhere. Still have no idea where the Jerry came from, zombie came from having a combination of insomnia (where the looks get associated) and good grades so my friends were convinced I was eating brains and retaining the knowledge

Kibs- Was what my little nephew called me because he couldn't say Liberty
I got a mate we call Tank Girl. 5'10", hard-as-nails Polish girl.
Since 5th grade all my nicknames have Asian related. Chinesio, Japan, AZN, Asian Sensation, then Dixie Narko. that's my favorite. It's the name of a company that makes vending machines. lol I pointed out the label on a vending machine in a casino.
My best friend calls me Spiderman, a lot of people call me Kitty or Cat eye. My friends at school tend to call me Casper cause I'm so white and my mohawk is black.
retarded charlie, bird, blas and sometimes bitch,lol


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