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What nicknames have people given you?

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Mattress, Machubershintzel, Mattatat, cat litter and puerto rican octopus boy
for some random reason im at the moment christened young pineapple because apparently i look like a pineapple? :-)
some kid called me pineapple head a couple years ago XD
I've only been given the nicknames Spike and Rex (apparently I look like a dinosaur).
Cthulhu (obviously), Rooster, Cockatoo, Venge, Satan, Red, Midget, Shorty, More height related shit, Kitty...

I'm sure there's more but I didn't sleep at all last night and my head hurts.
alot of people around here call me loco... a guy that was a blood o.g. around here used to call me s dot
ohyea my gramps and uncles andcall me spike too and my girl calls me kittie and apple pie
Hmmm....Let'ssee. I've beencalled a bunch of shit, but related to my mohawk? I've been called rooster, Mohawk Onyak, sexy , My little punk, a dangerous weapon, trouble maker. Some more or less came with the mohawk. I'm loving my hawk though, Still deciding whether I should shave the sides though....
Well, no so meany names, or maybe I just don't remember them, cuz' i'm mainly drunk. I'm quite sure there's a few that i'm missing - they're on the end onf my tongue, but I can't remember them. (you know what I mean)

Well, my friends and other people wich I know call me kocii (my friend thought of this a few years a go) but usualy I get "rooster" and this one guy in my dorms is calling me "sharp one"(asais in latvian) so it's sticking on I guess. I'd prefer something to piss people off like "Hey, ASSHOLE come over here." But I gues they don't get it, and don't mind.

Maybe i'll post something later with the names people have given me, if i'll be a ble to remember. :D
dinkus,white boy, whetito, richie, oddball, troll
dinkus is probably the one that stuck the most. that or white bot
one that keeps popping up is unicorn i keep saying "im a fucking pentacorn get it right dipshit"


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