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What nicknames have people given you?

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Hedgehog lol, gets a bit annoying after a while. :)
white boy punk skinhead which i fuckin hate
The only one related to my hawk would be 'Unicorn' or 'The Unicorn'.

General nicknames are Shazam, Twitch, Moe, Pineapple, and Meister.
People like to call me prohawk.
crash strash rash stash cash ashley asshole spike mohawk punker andf so on.
Because of my Mohawk people have called me Rooster, Chicken, Nemo(i guess because i was wearing a orange shirt and i looked like nemo),Shark, Punk, Rocker.

And sometimes when im walking people come up to me and say "totally dude", or "owww my eye".
Everyone Calls me either Moe Or Mollz Ballz
im getting called pubes >.< cause my hair seems to feel like pubes. epic fail? xD
Well, the friends call me Kii (Short for Kieran, for 'tis my name). A select few call me Kiwi, I have been called Kiki before, but I instantly put a stop to that. Sometimes I go by the name Kiigazm (=D) or (as on here) Kazm, which happens to be my musical alias also.

The knobhead chavs around these parts don't seem to be able to come up with an intelligent insult. It's usually just "Hair-lo!" or "You mess!".

The fact that people who hang around outside shops in tracksuits and grubby white trainers call ME a mess is priceless, I think.
hmm one that probably made me lol the most was Iceis. Then i asked one they said king of the ponies.
eh i got rooster and dirtbag so far..

dirtbag has stuck for years now though.. i dig it.


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