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I shaved it off in september and have been growing my hair ever since. I've been thinking of getting dreadlocks even though my hair's really thin. Whenever I come on here it makes me want my mohawk back again. I feel like i've done so well growing my hair, I don't know what to do. Opinions appreciated, I'm really shit at making decisions like this.

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shave it back! then when you get a dready craving, put in some braid-in dread extensions for a while! :D


Oooh i really like this idea. I think i'll wait till the end of summer and do it. Thankyouu :D
haha, no problem! i havea this dilemma on occasion and decided, i can have the best of both worlds. =D
dude  i got dreads....they fuckn rock bro

there are just so many options :P

i'm a cleaner so i can be crazy hair and piercings galore and all be good.

well i do holiday cottages as i live on the coast but hotels or offices or homes all need cleaning too xD

building and stuff is probably a good job for mohawks too though.

You could always get a dread hawk!

This would also be awesome. I'm not sure i could pull it off though.


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