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Before I got my leather jacket, plans were in motion to paint the outlines bright white.

Now when I'm given the choice to get weed or spraypaint, I get high. Would I just be conforming if I painted my borders? It really needs something to POP out a bit.. My jacket is the shit in person but doesnt really translate into pictures. That's not selling out is it? Either way I was gonna paint more stuff on it anyways.

Thats all I have painted ^ on it currently. The front is spiky. The back nothing but a big trampstamp. Outlines might help.

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Okay if nobody heard of Agression.- thats one of the first bands I plan to put plus this logo:


Oh by tha way I made ^ this stencil on Meth and it came out fantastic.

I'm kind of confused (and I'm a tad illiterate)

I don't see you doing anything that is remotely related to selling out.


well, at least i know i can read now

CONFORMING - a deadly way to sell the fuc out.

How the fuck are you conforming? If you want something on your jacket, put it on there and don't give a shit if other people don't like it.

That's what I thought. Right now, about to NOT paint the lapels. I did the part around the sleeve's zippers.

I got rid of my camera, otherwise i'd have pictures. The trashdigging guy is fantastic!! Otherwise my paint skills are sub-par, that's still LIGHTYEARS beyond eyone else.

Duuuude, stop worrying so much about what's selling out and what people are gonna think. If you like it then just do it.

Don't you have to sell something in order to "sell out" ? If you were making a profit from painting your jacket, then maybe, but I don't think you are using the right words.

Conformity and selling out are two completely different things.
maybe if you sold your jacket to someone that didnt need it, and you picked up a holister jacket....then maybe

Paint it, then smoke up to celebrate.

No selling out here.

ALREADY did that : ) XD so high and drank a 40 fuck fuck fukck


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