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Okay so besides got2be freeze spray whats good for keeping really long hair up?

I know we have a lot of these but I'm starting a new one (sorry). I usually use got2be freeze spray and it works well until my hair gets past 4 inches and then it just doesn't work nearly as well. I want to grow my hair out to a foot long and I know my current hairspray won't work for that. Anyone with really long hair, what do you use? Try to at least give me a brand name, preferably a exact name or a link.

I've been looking at knox gelatin. So I think I'm gonna try that.

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well one Elmers glue is the best ive tried and way cheaper than got2b glued but it also lasts waaayyyyyyy longer in your hair if your lazy like me and dont like to have to redo it....but the for hair spray the rave 4x freeze spray or whatever works damn fine
knox is the best, for sure. it's held up a foot long mohawk for me more than once
good luck!
(and aquanet hairspray is good to add to the knox, with a blowdryer)
bed head hard head hairspray!
ive used it to keep up my hawk for years.. from just a few inches to 12-13. i use it for my boyfriends hawk too :]



Used it when i had about 8-10 inches. this shit is amazing and only cost like 3 bucks at walmart/walgreens/anywhere. its usually with the black hair products. 

I've always used either Rave or Got2B, even when my hair was over a foot long.  But then again, I also backcomb rather than doing a fan, so it also supports itself to some extent.

I use knox and got2be and they work awesomely I use know to form it and got2be for the base


I use Schwarzkopf super styling laquer extreme hold number 5  with the purple lid , does a great job no matter what length you're hair is , it's all in the technique :)
mines about 9 1/2 10 inches now, i have used many different things for mine, got2b works for me aussie instant freeze, freeze it, hold it, pump it up, knox, suave, aqua net, rave 4......i could go on and on...
mine is close to a foot and got2b doesn't work that well for me when i want to fan it, i use this kind called freeze it, and it works great
I like Rave when I want it to be softer.

my hair is around a foot i would say and i use bedhead hard head hairspray but it takes quite a bit and doesn't hold for all that long. i also use aquanet extra super hold hairspray and that works pretty well. i like aussie instant freeze hairspray, that works well. i usualy start either with bedhead or aquanet, get my fan up and then use the aussie freeze spray over it to get a good hold and then a little bit of got2be glued at the end just to make sure everything stays and to fix the tips so they're not all frizzy. and that holds for days, with touch ups ofcourse.


Egg whites and Sugar leaves any hair hammer hard :)


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