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We will miss you Osama! the world is not the same without you!


the terrorists got finally got you...




He looks sooo cute

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lmao nice


they say from his familly,,,so they say, but who knows this could all be one big ass mistake only time will really tell

lol to a tissue on the body that was supposedly him....
dna might not lie but if u think for one second that the government doesn't either then good god man...
OF COURSE THE GOVERNMENT LIE LOL its the American way lol,,but I don't think they lied about this one,
Osama is dead.. There is pictures and the DNA is his... SO GO FUCK YOURSELF!!

the pic is blatantly photoshopped as for dna i dont know what to tell u but there was more then one "Osama" in the videos sorry u cant see the difference but what one was it...

and even if your right (and you have such a high trust and respect for what the news tells you) do you think such a group would really put there main guy on all the videos.. if your right then and he is dead then there is a lot more to worry about then your false sense of security because even if he was the top what of everyone else u think this wouldn't start anything bigger?

FUCK OSAMA DUDE, i may be punk and not give a shit but im still a patriot, id have gladly shot that douche
it's sad to be patriotic D:
fuck the flag dude
Haha, what the actual fuck...


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