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What piercings do you have/want? Likes/dislikes about ones you have?

I only have my ears pierced, very average. Really want an Industrial on my left ear. Also want a Monroe. Used to want spider bites, but my fam has mostly succeeded in talking me out of them.

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I love piercings! Whit the stuff in my ears I have 17 piercings. 3 in the lips, 1 in my tongue, 1 in my nose, 4 in my eyebrows, 5 in my left ear, 2 in my right ear, and also a 20mm plug there. I still want 5 body piercings and some piercings in my ears.
 My family members hate them, but I don't care, it's my body, my face, and I love all my piercings and tattoos. I got my first piercing (a lip piercing) from my mother for my 15th birthday, expect that and my tongue piercing I made all of them, people thinks I'm crazy because of it. :DDD
 Don't listen to anybody, have a piercing if you want. If you don't want that piercing anymore, you can take out, it's not as 'radical' as having a tattoo or something.

Except my mom is loaning me money until I get a job, and will cut me off if I get one haha! After I've paid her back i'll prob go piercing crazy. i have to talk myself out of it at least once a week. Your piercings sound so fantastic!! Time to go photo stalk you haha ;)

Well Lorelei, over the years I have had to date about 19 piercings. Some I have let go, but I still have most of them. 

For me, the likes are the look of them, the feeling of them, and the uniqueness of them. To me, a piercing is a form of body art, just like tattoos are. Now, piercings need to be looked after and kept clean. You also need to assess your point at life before just getting one anywhere as some Employers may not be receptive to them. All my piercings either are, or can be, hidden if i want them to be, so it has not affected my job(s) at all. 

Before you get any piercings, be sure you want them because you REALLY like them, not just because you think you like them, as they need to be looked after. Start out with one or two and see what you think after a few months before getting more of them. 

The only dislikes that I can really comment on, are the odd time when I pinch one, or keeping certain ones extra clean in "certain"

As for getting them done, I have done all mine myself, but I don't advocate is better to get them done by a Professional no question. You will usually get a safer job particularly for some piercings. 

You have a good head on your shoulders, so will be fine. I hope I helped you a bit here. Good Luck and if you do get one, show me a pic. :-)

I have always loved how they look, ad have wanted more for a long time. It's a creative way to be expressive and here I would stand out, and they're so pretty. My mother thinks they're trashy and will cut me off if I pierce my face lol so waiting until I have a steady job ad can pay her back. I've always wanted lip piercings. I used to not like Monroes, but the past few months I've seen really pretty ones (on people with my face shape) and started wanting one. My ears I never cared about piercing other than the average one, but since I cut my hair really short I want them now lol. especially an industrial, though I've heard that those are super hard to care for.

Upkeep I'm not worried about, I always take really good care of my skin and what not. I would for sure only get one at a time, and wait for it to be completely healed before getting another. I would never pierce myself lol, I am just the kind of person to screw it up :P Nifty that you did though, that's cool :D

Part of why (a small part, but part) I'm going into cosmetology is I can do whatever I want with my look and still have a job :D

That's awesome.......for someone who is only 20, you sure seem to have a good head on your shoulders. Your parents obviously raised you right. You are going to be a fantastic cosmetologist when you graduate! :-)

My mom is the most fantastic person ever. I couldn't imagine having anyone else raise me :) And thank you!! If you ever come to the states (at least my state) I'll do something epic for your hawk ;)

I have 2 in each ear, had an eyebrow that got ripped out, have a septum and both of my nipples as well. also working on a half sleeve tattoo

In addition i love my piercings.

Sweet! What are you putting on your sleeve? Is it themed?

this is it thus far. cthulhu attacking a clipper ship

I literally exclaimed kinda loudly how bad ass that is!!! I love it!!!

Yeah, im pretty stoked to get it finished


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