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so im curious to know what piercings you all have,and tattoos also.

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what the fuck happened ?

My ear like broke.. xD


i WANT two peircings on my right eyebrow and my labret
i have 7 piercings(my ears 3 times my nipples my prince albert and my lip) and god knows how menny tattoos i stopped counting when i got to about 60 lol but there all just random ass shit i either made up, tattooed on myself or get drunk and let my friends do whatever
I just got an industrial in my left ear. considering regular piercings in both ears next. then who knows?
I've got my ears stretched to 00's, viper bites, my right nostril, and my smiley(:
I've got 9/16" stretched ears, I had dimple piercings, but had to take them out :( My smiley was ripped out at a concert also haha. I miss that. Other than that, just my nose and ear cartilage. I've got 4 tattoos, a worker bee, wheat and peace lilies that read "my love and rage are rolled up into one" -mischief brew lyrics and that was for my parents. My chest simply reads "Action comes easy, it's the moments just before that are hard when I've got to get my voice and fist on the same page as my heart," Defiance Ohio lyrics. And a claddagh on my wrist :). What about you?

right now ive got. . .


0ga ears

industrial in my right

0ga septum

14ga labret

tongue split

carbon atom tattoo on my right foot (dedicated to my dad)

a skull and crossbones with some flogging molly lyrics on my right lower leg

and am working on a right chest and sleeve outer space theme, melting to my left arm and chest of an underwater theme


i have 1/2 inch ear lobes want to go up to an inch, i have a cross tatt and want to get more soon

I never had any piercings until today, when i shoved a safety pin through my eyebrow out of boredom


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