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i have 4 in each ear. bottom holes are gauged to 7/16s and my right tragus is pierced.
i have both sides of my nose, and my septum, although i don't always wear all of the nose piercings at one time cause i think there is just too much going on there
i have my tongue
and both of my nipples

i USED to have my monroe and my bottom lip

the ones i like best on others are nose piercings and nipple piercings
always sexy

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I used to have lobes STRETCHED to 7/16 but took 'em out. I have my right conch pierced stretched to 12g. I have left tragus 16g and left scaffold 14g. I have my septum to a 8g atm about to go to 6g my goal is 0g. I have vertical labret 16g. and both nostrils 18g.

My favorite of mine are my vertical Labret and my septum. I wear a CBR in my nostril and a glass pyrex black retainer in my septum.

My fav on others are everything! i love it all! i LOVE septums and stretched labrets. but my lest favorite are Eyebrows on either gender and bellybuttons (ICK!) but im a weird-o so its whateva.
i got bunch of metal in me. my favorites are my tunnels in my nostrils at 00gu, my 1 inch lobe tunnels an my 2 gu PA...but i got other 6 gu in my nips, septum pierced, lower lip at 6 gu, frenum pierced, PA 2 gu an my ball bag pierced down to 4gu
i like the septum the most and i have my ears gauged at double zero. and rings above it. a septum at 12 gauge,snakebites a belly button ring and a tongue ring and i might get my dick pierced at the end of this month....
i have three in each earlobe, stretched to 8, 10 , and 12 gauge. one in my bellybutton, and 12 corset-style captive rings in my back.

i want to get: my eyebrow, bridge, nostril or septum, labaret, and double snakebites (i've also heard them called venombites)

so far the corsets are my favorite cause i can feel em when i move

i got 15 in ears, take piss to heal when done by a proffessional (keloids eurgh), love my 20mm tunnels but they stink :), nose killed, bridge wonkey, nipples are nice though :) cheeks leak water when i drink, tounges ok but needs more in it, labrets hmm ones wonky cos i pierced it myself with a sewing needle hah :) my belly ones are average had to put rings in until the bottom one heals fully, takes bout a year... septum always makes me pull a face when its cold haha


i want temple doing x2 to even the piercings on my face up, forehead like vyvyan :) angel bites, more snakebites, some more in ears :)


i dont have a fave piercing though :) i like all of them

none. "lets be different! look we are all the same.."
i've got 6 in each ear, my right nostril, and my tongue, i have two other ear piercings, my snakebites, and my belly button done.. i really love vampire bites and anti eyebrows

Favorite to have would be my 14mm (9/16'') stretches, and to see on others probably a third eye or nipple piercings

With my ear stuff, I have 18 piercings. 5 in the left ear, 2 in the right, and there is also a 20mm plug. I have 3 lip piercings, 1 in my nose, 4 in my eyebrows and 2 in my tongue, I only got the second one a week ago :DD I still want more, I love them! My favourites are the ones in my lips, and in my tongue, I love to play with them.

Hey Luca......when you got your tongue pierced, how long did it take for the swelling to go down for ya? I am on day 7 and it might just be going down now. 


Piercings always rock! Think my favorite is a plain nose ring, like actual ring not so much the studs. I've got two in my right nostril, three in my left eyebrow, tragus, three in each ear lobe, three in my cartilage. My bottom lobes are guaged to zeros. Labret, two in my tongue and a belly ring. Think that's it lol probably get a couple more! Many more tattoos to come. My personal favorite tattoo is the pink and purple star on my face! :)


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