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Okay I'm big into the pin up girl/rockabilly style, and I want to know if anyone out there has ever tried styling their mohawk in that style?? Is it possible? If you've done it, put up a pic! If you know how to do it, tell me how!

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There's tons of YouTube tutorials for victory rolls and pin curls and such!
This was my hair for a pinup shoot I did with a friend, nothing fancy
aw :D lips look gorgeous as well as the hair :) Yeah I am a big fan of the youtube tutorial!

my friend, she would take the front and do some puff lookin thing with it. 

yeeeah i know thats as much detail as i got. 


Bettie Bangs
simple round cut bangs that are fairly short, a very easy retro look for hair, even with a mohawk.

1950's Barbie Ponytail Hawk
A ponytail placed high on the back of the head and wearing a large bow to accent, you can wear extensions for the long bouncy ponytail, if you can find then in the color you need. But I just skipped it, I just curled my hawk in back to give it a softer look.

Pompadour Roll Hawk
longer bangs rolled back like victory rolls and pinned. Also I pinned up the sides seperately to get a more streamline look I also added jewels to my hair and kept the back very straight and spiked like usual.
Too cute, I love them all!
those are awesome! thanks ;D

That is really nice looking.

how does she do it? like, what does it look like?
I do have pictures on here lol...I use extensions a lot, but that depends on the length of your hawk, I like to curl it retro style to one side or put it up in a high ponytail with my bangs poofed and a bandana tied at the top, I've also, without extensions, made my hawk into a big ass pompadour

This is intresting, always felt weird wearing my dresses from the 50:s because where I come from the Rockabillys and punks are like nazis and punks. not a good mix and with alot of fighting between. have punk relatives that even hate american cars because of this and on the rockabilly car shows you shouldnt even show your face if you are a punk. Is it not like this in other places?

not here. even if it were i wouldnt care, i avoid labels, especially in the subcultures. where do you live?
not at all, at least in north east pennsylvania its not, I don't know about the rest of the world but I havn't hear anything like this before so I hope its not a popular rivalry


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