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Okay I'm big into the pin up girl/rockabilly style, and I want to know if anyone out there has ever tried styling their mohawk in that style?? Is it possible? If you've done it, put up a pic! If you know how to do it, tell me how!

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Where the hell do you live? The Twilight Zone? Here in Charlotte, NC everyone get along. Punks, Skins and their Rockabilly kins. he he. That rhymed. But really. There is no fighting between the different subcultures.

Sweden the north, and well I dont disslike the rockabillys its more the other way around and not much to do about that then to keep away I guess. To dress difrently always piss someone of!
haha yeah that's true. I think that's what keeps us together down here, the fact that if you don't dress "normally" makes you an outcast along with all teh other outcasts
Oo that is cute!
I do my hair almost exactly like corpsequeen even with the flower lol. I curl the back of mine with foam rollers.

this has helped me alot, also loving that picture, its a beaut!

Trying to grow my hair at the mo, and it seems like the only way i can get past that

'awkward-not-long-but-not-shot-looking-not-right' look s by pinning it up with bobby pins


i do victory rolls on mine all the time. its really simple and a fun look.


i just curl the rest of my hawk.
i do this big barrel roll in the front sometimes, i have done victory rolls in it but can't find any pics of them. they are smally though because my hawk is thin.
theres so many different ways to go for =) just depends what look youre after
i used to do victory rolls or kitty ears when i had a i have a chelsea and it's imposible to  style it xD

What are kitty ears?

well   this is how I make it sometimes,..but it is really hard to find any good refference aroind the web for real mohawk,..most of it is for fauxhawks. :( I was  thinking about making youtube videos for all of us who like pin up and mohawks,..this is just the simple way, but there are soooo many options :D


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