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im doin an art prodgect about the pigs
im gna be painting them using exsessive forse, beating children, raping women, torturing people and what not
i do understand that they do not do all these things
it is for a prodgect
if anyone could help us out a little by searching threw the net and finding photos of english officers
it doesnt matter what there doin they can just be standing there but preferbly beating som1 to shit
any ideas are also helpful thank you :)

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sorry about the txt languag and the spelling probs but ive got dyslexia and hand problems its easyer for me to type like this so ill type how i damn well please.

and i could yes but its more all the uniform and gadgets that im lookin for diff police in diff cuanties have diff arms n equipment and its gna be a drawing and then cut out into a stencil made of thick card and sprayed on walls
but not like tiny about 7 foot long:D

i dont think there english but it seems pretty fit to yer description
cheers man perfect:P
haha shit that looks brutal:O


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