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Natural dirty blonde/ golden brown. Boring.
Never mind - lots of time for more colours!
Within the year Ive had it all of the colors on the list except white, black, and green.
well mine was blue, but we bleached the tips before they got colored, and because of crappy shampoo, all the color is gone, so now i am left with blonde tips, which is actually pretty sweet.
Sometimes unexpected results like that can be cool. I quite like seeing the blonde show through on mine too now.
Natural blond hair, then black tips. Planning to colour the blond, just don't know what colour or dye to go with..
I love how the poll bar colors don't match the colors they are representing. x)
Ah, yes...I didn't even know it had bars until after I voted. My first time with this poll widget. =)
Well, I hope it worked out good for the trouble! Esp. if you're going to shave it off soon. :(
Badly faded purple.
dark brown + natural redness
what a great fucking poll!


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