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Blue and Blonde. Matt attacked my hair the other day
Blue sides and roots, black mohawk
Mine's black right now. I really want to dye it again, but I will probably get tired of the color after a short while and just dye it black again. Might go for white again.
Pink w/leopard spots
Natural roots, tips bleached and dyed blue, so a sea green now, lol.
Well, so far, three out of four have changed their hair colour.

Bleached Blond and Green are tied with 15% each making up a roughly a third of us, together. Followed closely by Red at just over 1 in 8.

Surprisingly, blue and purple are quite rare - only 2 people each and no one has white or yellow.
Three have black and only 1 has orange.

I'm wondering what all the Other... votes are? Please comment about it. =)
cherry bomb red as of 6 hours ago :)
Sounds good. Hope it turned out great!

Black, Emerald green, Hot pink, Blue, Apricot, and Neon Yellow. But ive had every color imaginable. A lot of glow in the dark results too.

Napalm Orange, wanting to do red. Can I vote twice? :P

Yes! =]  When you get it.

brown lime green and black...


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