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Is it weird to love mohawks and the look of punk culture but not be a punk? I loved my mohawk and am considering shaving it again, but I'm really not very punk. So would I be considered a poser? I don't claim to be punk, I just like it and when I have my hawk generally don't give let people's opinions change my mind. This is just me being curious as to what you guys think.

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Well Lorelei, let me start by saying it is so nice to see you back here! Always a pleasure to hear from you.

I am very much like you......I love Hawks, and have a pretty tall Hawk, but I too am not very Punk.....nor do I claim to be. You don't have to be Punk to rock a Hawk, contrary to opinion, nor do I have anything against Punk. I like some of the look of Punk culture, but not all, and in my particular lifestyle and occupation, I would be unable to wear most of the Punk style. Some would argue here that I let Society rule my life, and I guess to a degree that is true, but I am able to rock my Hawk with certain tattoos and piercings at my occupation, so am very fortunate in that respect. I don't think it is a question of if you are a Punk or not, it is more of a question are you happy being what you are. You look super awesome with a Hawk, and if you are happy with it, then that is great. 

I don't think you would be a "Poser", a Poser would be someone that claims they are a Punk when they are not. Another term for that might be :wannabe". You and I aren't claiming to be Punks, so that would not make us Posers. We are just Hawkers that enjoy a particular piece of what might be considered Punk Culture. :-)

I love having a mohawk but not once have I ever called myself punk and I think that's just fine.

I agree with Dan, claiming to be punk when you don't have the lifestyle or the complete punk look would make someone a poser in my opinion. While appreciation of just a hawk or other characteristics doesn't at all make you anything but you simply being you.
I can't put much of a label on myself either. I've been called a punk but lol only when someone thought it would insult me XD I'm a bit of a mutt I suppose. I take what I like and mix it together. You're not a poser :)

Wear what you want and like what you like. Its nobodies business but yours.

I was looking at your pics and I got to say that you look really hot with dreads. But on to the question. No. It's not poser or poseur (however you want to spell it). The thing about poser is that you call your self punk but do it for the fashion or just because you like it's cool. All you are doing is being an abnormal. Which is good. it beats the norm and tells the world your not afraid to be yourself.


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