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which do you prefer? me personnally, its booze :)

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fuckn rite dude
Pot just makes me feel stupid. Booze is fun for me. And less of a hassle.
But it's a hassle the next morning, lol.
pot is my big fave but if im going out at night i l=tend to prefer drinking, not caring, and generally making a fool of myself! =P
beer and weed <3
I'm gonna havta go with weed cause you cant overdose (well if you did you'd be a smoker legend) and the more you smoke the higher you get. Alcohol is great up to a point before it goes from stimulant to downer, and blackouts, headaches, and hangovers suck.
I prefer being aware of my surroundings and my actual emotions.
both at the same time.
I'll take either depending on which is more easily available and whether I want to go crazy or relax myself.
Beer is always good. Sure spirits are great and all, but nothing beats a good cold beer.
am i the only one that chose pot? haha
pot 100000%
pot cuz its never killed any1 :) xxx


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