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which do you prefer? me personnally, its booze :)

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Yeaaa suureee... What else is there to put it up with? The mix of beer 'n weed makes a perfect wax hahaha!

My god, what has science done haha

oh haha :) since i cant remember posting this i was prob drunk, thats why its about booze :')  so yeah sorry lol
fuckn rite dude....booze an  weed ffuckn way

Beer is actually good for your hair...

But its kinda pricey for the same effect product can give.

well,,for me weed works better than risperdal,,and no fucked up side affects,,,and its cheaper,,lol how could I go wrong

ganja - stops my epileptic siezures, reduces my pain

alcohol - poisens me, after 1 hour of injestion if my stomach is not pumped its fatal

anticonvulsion pain relief or death pretty simple rly for me anyway :P


pot is the way to go unless its laist hahaha i love weed or just quit all together


I don't do drugs, they make people stupid. And end relationships. Sorry, I just had to end one because my girl was turning into an addict. It's complicated
But remember that pot is not really a drug. It's a plant. A plant that you can't become physically addicted to.
Yeah but there's a difference between physical addiction and mental addiction.
yeah dude don't go thinking you can't get hooked haha


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