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So I'm getting a mohawk tomorrow and I have no idea about any good products for getting my hawk to stay up. It's going to be a bit thick and probably around 8+ inches tall, any suggestions? And I'm dying my hair red so any products for styling that won't strip my color out would be awesome!

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Bed head hard head hairspray is always my go to product :)
Thanks! I'll give that a try
I got that stuff and tried it out, Omg! haha it works great, and I don't even need to tease my hair before using it, thanks a bunch!

For shampoo, I like to use Bed Head's Sulfate Free. It's expensive, but it lasts a long time and worth it. 


For hair spray I like to use that Got 2 B Glued stuff, in the yellow can that looks like a fog horn. 

I've gone through a few different sulfate free shampoos that never worked (Always wound up striping my color, sometime worse than regular shampoos with sulfates) and they were super exspensive :/ I'm going to get delorenzos fire red shampoo but thanks for the suggestion! :)

and as for the spray I've used that once before! haha my hair was half way down my back, no shaved sides just an ordinary cut and I was able to spray my hair up with that stuff, haha. Unfortunatly my hair doesn't seem to like it, it was pretty damaged feeling after one use :/

Thanks for your suggestions though! :)

If your hair feels damaged after you had your hawk up, you're gonna wanna try using a heat protection spray. They can be fairly light in your hair, so it shouldn't weigh your hair down when you wanna rock it up. It helps stopping the hairspray and the blow dryer from drying your hair out.

There's also a really good hair spray that Aussie makes. It comes in a purple can, and was the most 'extreme' hold that they had. I'm not sure what it's called, but I used to use that when I would do liberty spikes in my friends hair. I think it's cheaper as well.
Thanks! Yeah I was thinking about using Aussie cause I've used it pre-mohawk and I've always really liked their products.

KNOX!   not vegan but they do sell some kinds that are vegan and work just as well,

it takes alot of work to wash out but it'll stay up for days and if you use lukewarm water and a good conditioner your color should hold.

Haha Okay I'll have to try that! Thanks! :)
I use got 2b styling gel or there hair spray. It works for me
KNOX and aqua net thats what i use and it should hold through pretty much anything

Thanks! Yeah Aqua net is pretty cheap


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