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An upcoming show is coming up and its theme is post apocalyptic.  Rather than use my mohawk as is, I want something longer. Here are some images to give you an idea of what I want, taken from this site:


and I also found this wig that kind of has the general look:

My hairdresser gave me some info about the type of extensions I need:


  • They should be human hair so that they can be dyed the orange color I use
  • You get what you pay for so Indian human hair is better
  • They cannot be the braid type hair extensions since Im adding them to a mohawk (as opposed to a whole head of hair and braided in).  Instead, I need non-clip wefts.


Can anyone recommend how I might achieve this look and a good source for the hair extensions I need?  I have been growing out the back part of my hawk longer than the top part of my hawk already. I know my hair wont grow to the length I want, hence the need for extensions. 


Im located in the SoCal area so anything I need to physically pick up in this area would also be great.

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I don't know where you are in so cal but my friend got some really great quality, real hair, clip in extensions at Tyler mall in riverside. The blended seamlessly with her hair right out of the box.

My suggestion is to check any and all local beauty supply stores, many carry extensions. It's just a matter of weeding through the crap.

Im out in the San Bernardino mountains.  Tyler mall is quite close.  Still, I was told NO CLIP IN wefts. :(  Either way, I am trying to be as economical as possible.  This is for a charity performance so I will not be makign any of my money back. :/  I seen some of the mall kiosks which sell it but I dont know if they overcharge and if they are selling crap.


Only brands of non-clip in wefts that I know of are Remy, India, and Bohyme.  Bohyme and "indian hair" were the things my hairdresser recommended.


Oh I miss read. But regardless you gotta get out there and search for yourself to see what people around are selling. My friends were $300. Real human hair and came with a 1 year warrantee incase they got ruined in any way.

Yeah. Human hair is worth it if I can dye it along my real hair. I just dont wanna buy something being overcharged for nor do I want to buy crap.  Hence why Im asking here.

i got some at sally's that clip in, and they were only like $60 or so, the are indian remi hair, i have dyed them numerous times.i have never tried to stand them up though, so i'm not sure if it would give you the look of the first picture. when i use mine i either straighten it and leave it all on one side, or tease the hell out of my actual hair so it looks like a super long death hawk.

Yeah.  For me, the extensions need to mount at the crown of my head and everything below it.  I had thought I might put SOME on the top areas of my hawk to keep the length even throughout.  Still I also have to consider...


Is anyone gonna wanna stand on a stool  in a hotel room and hold my hair while I spray it into place? LOL

yeah it would probably be very hard to stand up because it would be so heavy. i put mine all the way done my hawk so the length is even, and you can't even tell they are in there, just looks like a really long hawk. wish i had some pictures of it all straight, but all i pictures that my hair is long in i have the extensions in.
Yeah.  I look at the pic in my original post and did she get it to stand up?  I think the longest I have naturally grown my hawk out to was 8 inches on the top part of the  hawk.
i'm still trying to figure out how they got the girls hair in the first picture to stand up and still look so soft, it's fucking gorgeous, and i want to do mine like that sooo bad.
Yeah.  In my case, I am not dedicated to the softness (as this is apocalyptic.  Who goes to a salon in a post apocalyptic world?).  Still, I wonder the same thing.  I also wonder if she only shaved one side of her head and we just cant see that from this image.  Might also explain the volume she has going on.

Kept looking at the above image (from my initial post to this thread) and a friend mentions that it might be photoshopped.  Just in case, I decided to do a bit more searching.  I seem to remember a photo, professionally shot in the desert, of a woman with a long "tail" on the back of her head with  a mohawk.  I just cant remember if she shaved the sides or was doing the faux hawk thing.


Anyhow, the photo album is located here:


Any advice on how I might achieve this, both in advising proper extensions to buy (human hair) and styling ideas, let me know.

if you are just wanting the length at the base of your head for the long "tail" thing it would be pretty easy to do. i could prob do a photo tut showing you how if you would like. all you would need is a few single clip extensions cliped near the base, then put the rest up in a death hawk.


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