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An upcoming show is coming up and its theme is post apocalyptic.  Rather than use my mohawk as is, I want something longer. Here are some images to give you an idea of what I want, taken from this site:


and I also found this wig that kind of has the general look:

My hairdresser gave me some info about the type of extensions I need:


  • They should be human hair so that they can be dyed the orange color I use
  • You get what you pay for so Indian human hair is better
  • They cannot be the braid type hair extensions since Im adding them to a mohawk (as opposed to a whole head of hair and braided in).  Instead, I need non-clip wefts.


Can anyone recommend how I might achieve this look and a good source for the hair extensions I need?  I have been growing out the back part of my hawk longer than the top part of my hawk already. I know my hair wont grow to the length I want, hence the need for extensions. 


Im located in the SoCal area so anything I need to physically pick up in this area would also be great.

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Yeah.  I might want to make the top-to-front area A LITTLE LONGER like in the orange haired couch photo of my original post. I am just doubtful that I could get my overall hairdo to look exactly like that.  Im growing my hair out (no trimming or cutting of the hawk), only keeping my sides shaved.  My show is in beginning of June so I doubt Ill gain feet and feet of hair since then, which is why the human hair extensions SEEM needed.

Again, to reiterate as I did to another poster, I was told by my hairdresser NOT to buy clip-in extensions but rather wefts (sans clips). She cites that the clips would fall out too easily given that I have only hair for the mohawk (the middle of my head).

ok i must have not read it right. although all i have ever used is the clip in kind and they stay in my hair just fine, i will go out and dance, and all kinds of stuff and they never even slip out of place.

Here are 2 of the brands my hairdresser recomended - Bohyme Brand - Remy Brand


One of the other reasons I was recommended to refrain from using clip-ins is because I do need to dye my hair to match the orange tresses I already own.  So, I figure dying items that are so easy to take on and off might be a pain in the butt.


Looking at the picture the entire thing looks fake in my opinion. She could be bald or have her hawk swept to one side with the fake piece on top. Have you ever felt really long furry fabric? That's the texture it looks Ike to me and that stuff would easily stand up that high with no product, leaving it fluffy.

Having said that I think it's totally possible to pull of still. It might not be that full and fluffy but it would still look wicked. I guess if you don't want clip in extensions your only option is to sew in or glue in? I'd go with sew in ones cause you could tug the hell out of them. Have them put in like a week before your gig and dye them then practice putting it up. Tease the fuck out of it and spray it good. Brush it back out if you want the fluffy look. It's prob going to be a bit of trial and error but with good spray and good friends you can make anything stand.

Yeah.  Its hard to say because the picture is so small and has been web optimized.  As I said, after a friend pointed it out on his own accord, I began to revisit the possibility.  Heck, it could be a hair piece or maybe the whole girl is a mannequin.


The good thing is that it doesnt have to look that perfect as the theme is apocalypse.  That pic is like mohawk barbie in that its too perfect.  For me, I dont mind a bit of scraggly to it.  Think tank girl. LOL.  I uploaded that album (not sure if you saw the link to it) that has some more authentic looking hawks with a long "tail" on the rear mohawk  hair

I did see them, it's a completly different style then I thought you were going for.. For just a tail a clip in or two would work just fine..
I use sassy extensions. I buy them at sallys. I use the white glue to put them in which is pretty easy to do. You just use some remover to get them out when you no longer want them in. They don't knot up bad and they are easy to blend and style and they take dye really good. (They sell human and non human hair.)


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