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punk and mohawks seems to be turning into something 'fashionable'

or is it just me that think this?
to be perfectly honest i think it takes the piss.
round where i live there's fucking scene's thinking they can go ahead and hawk up.
mainly i think because they crave attention and i dont know about you but i couldnt care less about the attention i get.
i didnt get my mohawks over 2 years ago to get strangers 'umm'ing and 'aww'ing at me everywhere i bloody well go.

and doc martens coming into fashion because of this whole 'gothic winter' look.
people end up going through different stereotypes as i do underwear.

corr really does boil my bath tub it does.
i'll stop and let you tell me how you feel on the subject before i go off on another tangent.

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Are you kidding? I'm not a liar. I DO NOT shop and HAVE NOT shopped at hot topic.
I have no reason to lie, so i'm not, it's the fucking internet...

And i'm guessing the second part isn't about my post.
I can honestly say that I have never shopped at Hot Topic; the reason being that there are none in Canada. If I were to see one I would go in and buy from it if there where any products that grabbed my fancy. And I'm not interested in whether or not that makes me "punk." I am not punk, and I never claimed to be.
I admit I shop at hot topic, What can I say I like to have nice things when I have money and DIY might be fun and all but sometimes i'm to bloody lazy to make a pair of pants.
ur a re-tard. I swear on my balls i have never walked into hot topic my life and i dont play on it.
I wasn't putting anyone on a cross. It really wasn't a bad statement at all, to anyone. I was just stating my opinion on the group. With any style, It's marketed, and i know that. I obviously don't know what they think they are selling, but that's just what it looks like to me. I don't give a shit, it's just sad to see. It's sad when a 12 year old girl goes and buys a Clash shirt, yet they have no idea who the hell Joe Strummer is, or even the 101ers. I know punk is no longer a movement, it no longer shocks the world, and it no longer scares people. Punk is still a scene though, and it's still thriving if you look in the right places. My point really, is that i understand what you're saying, i was just stating my opinion, and everyone, whether they shop at hot topic or not, has one of those. This is just mine.

yeah dont worry i just love to bust peoples balls when it comes to this kind of stuff...i know what you mean and the only kind of punks i really hate are fashion punks they only do it for a huge range of friends and to be popular (trust me there are plenty of those at my school) sadly enough theres nothing anyone can to about those who dont belong but for anyone who is a real punk rocker its just how we live our life style and thats what drives us to dress up and look outrageous xD and one more thing i live in hick ass texas next to a military base although like you said its more widely accepted but it fucking sucks in texas hahahaha
yup, the ones that do it for fashion are the ones that bother me lol
but your right, theres nothing anyone can do about it, so thats about that.

and ya, there's only two punks in my school and only a scattered few in my area, we don't do it to be popular, we don't do it at all, we just are who we are. I know what you mean about living in a place like texas though, people HATE difference where i come from, and its because its a bunch of little close minded hick towns all surrounding each other, and yeah, it fucking succcccccccks too hahah
oh no, i didn't mean there was a problem with dressing punk, it's who we are.
i love making my own clothing, and i wouldn't want it any other way.
when i said what i said about people doing it for fashion
i honestly meant the people who go in and buy the band shirts
but have never listened to band or have any clue about the members
they just think the shirt looks cool..
those are the ones that bother me, they don't even bother me really..
it's just sad.
I think that fashion has always had a great influence on punk. It may not be fashionable or mainstream fashion but anybody who says that fashion doesn't influence punk is lying. Fashion isn't the main idea in punk but many punks turn to fashion to somewhat express their ideas and beliefs in a sense that everbody can see. They way you dress doesn't mean shit but everybody judges people based on the outlook of their physical appearence at first.

For example if i saw a person dressed preppy and a person dressed punk, i'd probably go up to the punk dressed one first, because it's what i relate to, but i may get along better with the preppy dresses kid better based on their beliefs. I wear what i like, i dont go by a "uniform" thats just silly. Some days ill wear my favorite sex pistols shirt and others ill wear a sweater, it all depends on what i like and how i feel

Saying that other people dont deserve a mohawk is hypocritical. By saying that you are saying that you have higher importance then them and deserve more than they do. Doing something 'radical' in todays society will eventually get copied buy posers or people who want to try and see what it's like. I dont have anything wrong wtih others getting mohawks or wearing the style that i wear or doing as i do, its flatttering really, but yes it can get annoying. All in all life will run it's course people wil out grow things and those who really live like this will the the last survivers. Lifes about living, having fun, trying new things if we dont try things how will we know if we like it or not. Do what you want dont give a fuck what people think.
Punk is about rebellion, about questioning the status quo and the typical values of the conservative establishment. I am a punk because of the way I think and not because something is fashionable; fashion comes and goes, being a punk stays for a lifetime (except if you get indulged into the boring middle class lifestyle and stop being true to yourself). WIth regards to previous posts, i do believe that punks can and should be successful, the key element is rebellion against the status quo and the establishment.

I wear my mohawks and my docs because I like it that way, regardless of whether they are in or out of fashion or what people say about it. For me the mohawk is a statement to the outside world which says, fuck you to the conservative establishment.
Yeah, but most people are not free; most people dont have these values! or do you know many people who question the status quo
Haha i don't even remember what provoked me to start this. Regret it a tad..


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