Mohawks Rock

punk and mohawks seems to be turning into something 'fashionable'

or is it just me that think this?
to be perfectly honest i think it takes the piss.
round where i live there's fucking scene's thinking they can go ahead and hawk up.
mainly i think because they crave attention and i dont know about you but i couldnt care less about the attention i get.
i didnt get my mohawks over 2 years ago to get strangers 'umm'ing and 'aww'ing at me everywhere i bloody well go.

and doc martens coming into fashion because of this whole 'gothic winter' look.
people end up going through different stereotypes as i do underwear.

corr really does boil my bath tub it does.
i'll stop and let you tell me how you feel on the subject before i go off on another tangent.

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I forgot every reply i've posted on this one but I was reading the top thingy, and there are no fashion punks around here>_>

Could be the point I am the only thing close to punk here and i'm not really a punk but more of a pirate punk =D
Other people are jealous. No other evidence needed.

I love mohawks and appreciate the work they take, but don't have the cahones to get one.
As far as punk--each person has a different version of punk in them; but for the looks, I see more gothic and BDSM hitting the fashion scene--i.e. Rhianna, Lady Gaga, etc. Although for those trendsetters, sex sells.

Then there's the people who want to be the standout trendsetters, essentially posers who are trying to be "cool" and be the "first" to do it.

I better stop before I get to writing a freakin book. :]
i fucking agree!!! so many preppy fucks are getting hawks and wearing docs!!!ahhhh its so annoying!!ahh they are, are fucking followers they cant be themselves and stick to one thing!! lets give em the boot hahahah
^^ agrees. Wear whatever the hell you want and uhh hello!--NOT CARE what other people do or think. Back to the roots of "punk" or whatever the fuck ya wanna call it. I'm not preppy or trendy or punk or gangsta, even though i wear shit that people consider being those things (i.e. I'll shop wherever the hell I wanna and I'll wear whatever. My brother used to hate me for dressing like a "faggot" or "retarded," but now he steals my clothes. Douche.)

Moral of the story: Cover your ding-a-ling and get some shoes. I don't give a fuck, but no one wants to see your tic tac or your hairy nips.
i can ttell you the ammount of emo kids walking around with "rancid" t-shirts when they have never even heard oif them and then they have the cheek to argue with me, if they were real fans then they would have rancid in there skin for life like i do. they couldnt name 5 of rancids songs nevermind albums =P.

and the nevermind the bollocks here's the sex pistols top, the guy i argued with on that subject could name the two most popular songs by pistols, Anarchy in the UK and god save the queen yet he has a top of it

it's fucking pathetic there should be tests done on people before they buy theese t-shirts and clothing
coz quite francly if you dont know the band then that could go too a masive fan who has listened to them for years

my situation that i just mentioned would never happen of course

fuck this rant over
im out
peace guys xxxx


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