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There may be another discussion on this already, but fuck it. 

What are the top 5 punk bands you'd recommend? I'm trying to find some new stuff to listen to... 

Mine are: 

1. Sex Pistols
2. The Rabble
3. Bratmobile
4. Joan Jett
5. Green Day

And I don't want to hear any "GOD THAT BAND SUCKS" or "YOU HAVE HORRIBLE TASTE" Because I could care less. The point is to get some unknown bands out here as well as ones that may have just slipped under the radar. Oh! And as always, rock on, party hardy, and kick ass. 

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1. Crass

2. Conflict

3. Flux Of Pink Indians

4. Resist and Exist

5. A//Political

The Rabble..are an amazing band lol

The Unseen

Dead Kennedys

The Addicts

The Buzzcocks 

Social Distortion

This site is also good if your looking for new tunes:

1. Riistetyt

2. Wolfbrigade

3. Aus Rotten

4. Choking Victim

5. Them!


we are a florida pop/skate punk band and doing well for ourselves for how new we are.


you can check us out at:


Thanks :)

Just checked your .tk website and noticed that it was down.  Just a heads up for you Skully.

Though he's unlikely to notice your reply, 'cause he copy & pasted this in 10 other threads.

Most likely just did a search on 'band' and spammed the first page worth of threads - 'cause at least one was about rants & advice and not bands.

After all, this thread is over a year old.

Yeah... I totally forgot about this thread >.>

1.Leftover Crack

2.The Germs


4.The Oi! Scouts

5. a tie between Star Fucking Hipsters and Against All Authority

I know some of these have already been mentioned but:

1 Bad Religion <-good shit

2 Dead Kennedys

3 Slightly Stoopid (Punk/Ska theyre old stuff is better)

4 Social Distortion

5 The Real McKenzies/Dropkick Murphys (Irish Punk)

oh and anyone like Rebelution? theyre more reggea but have some good political songs too like Wake Up Call and Change The System

sir psyko and his monsters (it's not really punk, but ass kickin psychbilly...)

dropkick murphys

the distillers


dritte wahl

fuck, already five....

just have to mention rise against.

In no specific order


Bad Religion



Streetlight Manifesto (They're not a ska band, they're a punk band with horns, because I say so)


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