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Lets talk.

I dont shower all the time, do you?

i dont brush my teeth all the time either.

how about shaving? not as much.. i do it when i expect someone to feel me. but other than that no..

what do you guys think? lets talk about it.


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Florida humidity. FUCK it sucks.

Germ freak here.

Shower & wash hair everyday. No exceptions.

Brush my teeth when I wake up, before I go to bed, and after every meal.

Wash my hands a bit too often...

NEVER wear anything for two days in a row (PJ pants is the only exception).

Shave when I feel it's nasty looking...


I am clean. :D

Daily bathing/showering and soaping of body and hair is counter productive. Our natural bodily oils are there for a reason, not just to make us smell and feel bad.

i take a shower every teeth wise i keep em clean :P. shaving psh naw need my mustash :3

i shower everyday but wash my hair every other day.

brush my teeth once.

and shave? i dont really in the winter compared to the summer.yes.

i shower bout once every 1-2 months, i cant even remember the last time i brushed my teeth, n shaving just the sides

im proud to be crusty the filthier the better the only thing i take care of is the stink...but i smell mostly like pot n ciggs so i dont gotta do much XD

This would bother most people but i actually dont really give a fuck  and i kinda cant smell  : / 

And people are intimate with you still? What do your teeth look like after so long without brushing? o_O

I usually shower when i feel my hair is really greasy the only thing i try and was daily is my new tat i have to shave to keep a paycheck coming in so that's all i really have to do other than that's its all when i feel like it

You have an almost identical routine to me.

I take a shower daily. I brush my teeth once a day. I shave my face every two to three days. I shave head once a week. I wash socks, underwear, and shirts once a week. I wash pants every two weeks.

Depends upon my band schedule at school. Other than that i shower about once a week... maybe go two without (is i get sweaty i dont ever stink... odd enough as it is). I might brush my teeth if i find my toothbrush in which my dog seemed to of had last time i saw it... and i never shave but it helps that my hair on my legs get rubbed off by my boots that i wear. Heck, my bedding gets washed more than i do.


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